Items Needed:
A spade and the special key obtained from Making History (the key can be added to a Steel key ring).
Items Recommended:
Teleports everywhere and some energy potions.
Random each time, but some possible rewards include Ores, Arrows, Arrowtips, Rune essence, Runes, and God mjolnirs (spears).
Starting Point:
Complete Making History.

After you have completed the Making History quest, you can use the Enchanted key to find treasure around RuneScape. The Enchanted key will change temperature as you get closer or farther away from buried treasures.

Key Statuses:

  • Freezing: You have a long ways to go.
  • Cold: You are getting closer, but are still far away.
  • Warm: You are halfway there.
  • Very hot: Shouldn't be too much further.
  • Ouch! It's burning: You are very close to the chest.
  • Steaming: This stage means to dig under your feet for the chest.


Notes: The Guthix mjolnir can usually be found on the Western side of Runescape, the Saradomin mjolnir can be found in the middle, and the Zamorak mjolnir can be found in the Eastern side. The order that you visit each of these locations is RANDOM, and your key will disintegrate once you have visited them all.

South of the Ardougne Zoo:

Location 1

Lumbridge Swamp:

Location 2

West of the Al Kharid Duel Arena. (The Zamorak mjolnir is found here):

Location 3

Gnome Stronghold, near the bank:

Location 4

West of the Gnome Stronghold entrance:

Location 5

South of Port Sarim:

Location 6

South-West of Falador (The Saradomin mjolnir is found here):

Location 7

South-East of Ice Mountain:

Location 8

West of the Center of the Grand Exchange:

Location 9

South of Varrock, near the Digsite. (The Guthix mjolnir is found here):

Location 10

South-East of the Rellekka entrance:

Location 11

How to find the Buried Treasures:

We are going to call the point at which you start at while searching in a particular direction for the treasure the "base".

  1. Start by clicking the special key.
  2. Choose a direction (see arrows above), move one square, and then use the key again.
  3. If it says colder, go back to your "base" and repeat step 2, only this time in a different direction. If it say warmer, keep walking in that direction while clicking the key.
  4. When it no longer says "getting warmer", you have reached a new "base", so pick a new direction and repeat step 2.
  5. Once the key is steaming, dig with the spade to get the chest and reward.
  6. After you get a reward, teleport to a new location and set up another "base", repeating steps 1-6.

The New Items:

You can get the God spears, or mjolnirs, from the chests.

Guthix mjolnir:
Guthix mjolnir

Zamorak mjolnir:
Zamorak mjolnir

Saradomin mjolnir
Saradomin mjolnir

Note: After all the locations are visited, your key will dissolve! There is no way to get a replacement, so keep in mind you can't get another God spear if you trade yours away by digging one up again.

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