While fighting the weak and innocent creatures of RuneScape you may get challenged to a duel by the champion of that race. These duels take place with very strict rules which you’ll have to obey so think carefully before accepting the fight! Defeating that warrior will lead to good rewards, and even the possibility of bigger fights in the future. These champions do not challenge just anyone though, and it may take quite some time before they acknowledge your prowess.

Requirements: 32 Quest Points, for entry to the Champion's Guild

Start Point: Anywhere with monsters that drop Champion's Scrolls.

To Start: Kill a monster that drops Champion's Scrolls until you receive one. You may only have one Champion Scroll at any time, and they are very difficult to come by.

Basic Information

The Champion's Arena is located in the basement of the Champion's Guild, and is only accessible to members. When in the arena, it will appear as if there are no other players nearby. If you are challenged to a fight by a champion, there will be a special rule that applies, such as "Magic Only" or "No Prayer." These rules vary from champion to champion. Defeating a champion will earn you their banner, as well as equal amounts of HP and Slayer experience, increasing by the champion's level. If you lose in a fight to a champion, not only will you die (and lose items), but your challenge will also be void, and you will have to get another one if you wish to fight that champion again. Each champion may only be defeated once.

Lesser Champions

There are "lower champions" of races found throughout RuneScape, and there are "Champions of Champions" which represent the more powerful races, such as Humans, Elves, and TzHaar. There are ten types of monsters that drop Champion's Scrolls. They are as follows, and are considered the "lower champions":

Champion Image Level Special Rule Experience Earned
Imp Imp Champion 14 No Special attacks 160 HP, 160 Slayer
Goblin Goblin Champion 24 Only Magic attacks 128 HP, 128 Slayer
Skeleton Skeleton Champion 40 Only Ranged attacks 232 HP, 232 Slayer
Zombie Zombie Champion 51 No Magic attacks 240 HP, 240 Slayer
Giant Giant Champion 56 Only Melee attacks 280 HP, 280 Slayer
Hobgoblin Hobgoblin Champion 56 No Melee attacks 232 HP, 232 Slayer
Ghoul Ghoul Champion 85 Only weapons, no items 400 HP, 400 Slayer
Earth Warrior Earth Warrior Champion 102 No Prayers 432 HP, 432 Slayer
Jogre Jogre Champion 107 No Ranged attacks 480 HP, 480 Slayer
Lesser Demon Demon Champion 162 No weapons or armor 592 HP, 592 Slayer

Champions of Champions

The Champions of Champions are those who are seated in the arena. There is a Champion for each of the races of Humans, Dwarves, TzHaar, Werewolves, Elves, and Gnomes, but only the Human champion, Leon D'Cour, may be challenged at this time. Leon's rule is the same as the Ghoul Champion's, and defeating him will earn you 442 Slayer and HP experience, as well as his seat at the arena.

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