No requirements, but 70 or 80 Agility and 37 Magic are recommended.

60% Great Kourend favour in the Arceuus house is recommended for easy access to Great Kourend.
Items Needed:
Items Recommended:
Energy/Stamina potions, Dusty Key, and Falador Teleport OR Key master teleport scrolls.
Soul bearer
Starting Point:
Find and read the 'Soul Journey' book in the Arceuus library.

Note: The first 3 steps are for players who have not started the miniquest. Skip to step 4 if you have started the miniquest.

  1. Either use the home teleport on the Arceuus spellbook or make your way to the Port Sarim docks, South of Falador. On the Southern-most dock, to the East, is a person named Veos. Talk to him to travel to the continent of Zeah.


  2. If you took the boat, travel to the North West to reach the Arceuus region. In the North West of the Arceuus region is the Arceuus library. Enter the Library.

    If you used the home teleport, head West, then South to the Library. Enter the Library.

  3. Search the library until you find the book named "Journey of Souls" or "Soul Journey". The location changes and is randomized.

    Note: Finding the book may take a while. Be prepared to search the whole library!


  4. Open(read) the book, to which a chat messages pops up, saying "The book referred to an artefact being buried in Kourend, but the author did not specify where it was buried. Maybe you could persuade her to change her mind."

    Note: Do NOT drop the book, or you will have to re-search for the book again.

  5. The author, being Aretha, is located near the Soul altar in the Northern part of the Arceuus House. Head North from the Library, following the path North, then East to the Dark altar. From there, head East and take the Northern path to the Soul altar, to find Aretha.


    Note: Watch out for Skeletons (levels 21 and 25), Giant bats(level 27), and Ghosts(level 19) who are along the path.

  6. Speak to Aretha and tell her about the book. She will tell you of the Key Master and that the Soul Bearer is buried beneath the Arceuus church. Make your way back to the center of the Arceuus region, and find the church, which is East of the Library.

  7. Enter one of the front two buildings and take the stairs. From there, head South (North building), or North (South building) until you reach another set of stairs, this time going down into the crypt. Head down the steps and dig anywhere with a spade to obtain a damaged soul bearer.

    Damaged Soul Bearer

    Note: If you forgot your spade, there is a bank in the Arceuus region, which is South West of the Library.

  8. Make your way to the South of Taverley and enter the Taverley Dungeon.

    Note: The easiest way to the Taverley Dungeon is to use the Falador teleport on the regular spellbook (requires 37 Magic) and head West, then use the damaged wall to get over to Taverley (requires 5 Agility).

  9. Head to the Hellhound section in the North West section of the Dungeon, and enter Cerberus' Lair in the North East.

    Note: Watch for the many aggressive monsters in this dungeon, which vary in levels.

  10. Once inside, talk to the Key Master, who will repair your Damaged soul bearer into a Soul bearer.

    Congratulations! Miniquest Complete!

Note: If you happen to lose your Soul bearer, the Arceuus church will have replacements. Just bring a spade and dig in the crypt.

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