Skill Levels Required:
34 Farming.
Quests Required:
Must have gained 100% favor in Hosidius House.
Items Needed:
Spade, seed dibber, and a watering can.
Skill Levels Recommended:
The higher your farming level, the better.
Items Recommended:
Extra watering cans and an energy potion.
Starting Point:
The Tithe Farm in the Hosidius House, South of the Piscarilius House platform. If you have visited there before, you can use the minigame teleport.
Is this MiniGame Safe to play?:
Getting Started:

Table of Contents


Note: The game is instanced. If you drop anything, and then leave, you cannot get it back.

Grapes of Zamorak can be used to make Supercompost, though this method is not used much due to the high value of Wine of Zamorak

  1. 1. Begin by speaking to Farmer Gricoller who is located in the chair across from the ladder. He will explain the instructions on how to play Tithe Farm.

    Note: Every time you try to go through the door, he will ask you if you know what you are doing. You can turn this off by selecting the "I'm an expert-Do not ask me this again." option.

  2. When you have finished speaking to Farmer Gricoller, grab some seeds from the table. There are three different kinds based on what farming level you have: Golovanova (Level 34), Bologano (Level 54), and Logavano (Level 74). You only get 100 seeds at a time. When you've selected your seeds, go through the door.

Picking a Farming Spot:

When you first enter the Tithe Farm, you'll need to pick a spot. It's recommended to choose patches that are closest to the sources of water. Use the picture below as a reference.

Note: If you haven't already brought your tools, you can get them from the tool leprechaun right outside the door (or run back to the bank located in the vinery area outside the Tithe Farm).

Planting the Seeds:

Note: Each plant has three stages of its life that needs to be watered. That means each seed needs three doses of water. Depending on how many seeds you decide to plant at one time is how many full watering cans you will need. (Four seeds = One and a half watering cans, eight seeds = three watering cans, etc). If you don't water it enough, the plant will blight (die).

  1. So you've got your spot picked out, your tools are ready, and your water cans are full. Next, you need to decide how many seeds you will plant at once (each patch holds four seeds). The way you can make this decision is if you want to use the fertilizer or not. Fertilizer is what the people of Hosidius use in their crops to make them grow faster.

  2. If you decide to use it, it is recommended only planting four to eight seeds at one time because of the rate that they grow. Also, they will dehydrate faster and raise your chances of blighting. To use the fertilizer, choose one or two patches near a water source and plant your seeds one at a time. Start with a seed, then add fertilizer, and end with a dose of water. Then wait for them to grow. Add water after every stage of its life.

  3. If you choose not to use the fertilizer, you can plant up to sixteen seeds at one time without stressing out about getting them all watered on time. To do this, pick four patches that are side by side and near a water source. Go back and fourth between them, planting the seeds and adding water. Use the below image as a reference.


After your plants are full grown, harvest the fruit. Remember, the full grown plant will still blight if you don't harvest it in time. Once you have your fruit, you can deposit it into one of the sacks at any time for experience.

Note: You need to deposit at least 75% into the sacks in order to gain your points. (That's 75/100 fruit). All fruit needs to be deposited in order to leave the farm. If you log out, and you haven't deposited at least 75%, then YOU WILL LOSE ALL YOUR PROGRESS.


There are different rewards that you can purchase with the points you earn. Refer to the picture below to see the rewards and how many points they cost.

  • You can purchase compost and supercompost to use during your regular farming, or grape seeds which can be used in the vinery across from the Tithe Farm (where the bank is).

  • Seed box- Can hold up to six different types of seeds.

  • Gricoller's Watering Can- Holds 1,000 doses of water. Can be recharged by Farmer Gricoller for one point for every 5%, or twenty points if it is completely empty.

  • Farmer's Outfit- Contains a straw hat, jacket/shirt, boro trousers, and a pair of boots. Appearance is different based on gender.

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