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Priest in Peril, Nature Spirit, and you must have started Ghost Ahoy.

15 Crafting, 12 Cooking, 20 Combat, 15 Slayer, and 23 Farming.

Chisel, Uncut Snail Shell, Thin Snail, any Tannable Hide, Scarecrow (Can be made by using a Hay Stack, Watermelon, and Bronze Spear together), Bonemeal, Bucket of Slime, and a Wolfbane Dagger.

Morytania Legs 1 (2 daily teleports to the slime pit beneath the ectofunctus), 1 Antique Lamp worth 2,500 Experience in any skill above 30, and there's now a 50% chance that ghasts won't attack you while in Mort Myre Swamp.


Task Number Command What To Do
1 Craft a Snelm from scratch in Morytania. Requires level 15 crafting. You'll need a chisel and a snail helm found around the Mort Myre Swamp.
2 Cook a thin snail on the Port Phasmatys range. Requires level 12 cooking. You'll need a thin snail. If Ghost Ahoy isn't completed you will need a ghostspeak amulet and 2 ecto-tokens (these can be obtained by using a pot of bonemeal and a bucket of slime on the ectofunctus).
3 Get a slayer task from Mazchna. Requires level 20 combat.
4 Kill a banshee in the Slayer Tower. Requires level 15 slayer. Earmuffs or a slayer helmet is highly recommended to protect you from their screams.
5 Have Sbott in Canifis tan something for you. No requirements. You'll need any tannable hide and 2-45 coins depending on which hide you choose.
6 Enter Mort Myre Swamp. Requires you to start Nature Spirit if you enter through the gate in Canifis.
7 Kill a Ghoul. No requirements.
8 Place a scarecrow in the Morytania Flower Patch. Requires level 23 farming. To build a scarecrow you will need a bronze spear, watermelon, and a hay stack. Use the items together to obtain a scarecrow.
9 Offer some bonemeal at the Ectofunctus. No requirements. You will need a pot of bonemeal and a bucket of slime.
10 Kill a werewolf in its human form using the Wolfbane Dagger. No requirements. You'll need the wolfbane dagger that is given to you at the end of Priest in Peril.
11 Restore your prayer points at the Nature Altar. Requires completion of Nature Spirit. You will need to lose prayer points before praying to complete this task.



Haunted Mine, Cabin Fever, In Search of the Myreque, Ghost Ahoy, Dwarf Cannon, and Rum Deal. You must have started In Aid of the Myreque and you must have completed the Tarn's Lair miniquest.

29 Hunter, 40 Agility, 45 Woodcutting, 42 Slayer, 40 Cooking, 35 Smithing, and 22 Herblore.

Rope, Small Fishing Net, any Axe, 25 Ecto-tokens (10 if you have a Ring of Charos), Ghostspeak Amulet, Combat Gear, Steel Bar, Ammo Mould, Slayer Gloves, Ectophile, and Restore Potion (Made from Garlic and Silver Dust).

A friend to play Trouble Brewing with you.

Morytania Legs 2 (5 daily teleports to the Slime Pits beneath the Ectofunctus and acts as a ghost speak amulet when worn), 1 Antique Lamp worth 7,500 Experience in any skill above 40, and all Easy Diary rewards.

Robin now offers 13 pots of bonemeal for bones and 13 free buckets of slime each day.


Task Number Command What To Do
1 Catch a swamp lizard. Requires level 29 hunter. You'll need a rope and a small fishing net.
2 Complete a lap of the Canifis agility course. Requires level 40 agility.
3 Obtain some bark from a hollow tree. Requires level 45 woodcutting. You'll need a woodcutting axe. You can find hollow trees in the haunted woods. Water out for vampyres and leeches. They like to swarm you.
4 Travel to Dragontooth Isle. No requirements. You'll need 25 ecto-tokens and a ghostspeak amulet. If you have the ring of charos you only need 10 ecto-tokens.
5 Kill a Terror Dog. Requires the completion of Haunted Mine and Tarn's Lair miniquest. You'll need level 40 slayer, a weapon, and armor. If you haven't started the miniquest it won't affect the task. During the fight you will kill three terror dogs before killing Tarn. Bring a lot of food for the fight and the trek there. There is a maze you have to accomplish to make it to Tarn's lair.
6 Complete a game of Trouble Brewing. Requires the completion of Cabin Fever and level 40 cooking. You'll need another player to play the game with you.
7 Board the swampy boat at the Hollows. Requires the completion of In Search of the Myreque.
8 Make a batch of Cannon Balls at the Port Phasmatys furnace. Requires the completion of Dwarf Cannon, you must have started Ghost Ahoy, and have level 35 smithing. You'll need a steel bar and an ammo mould.
9 Kill a fever spider on Braindeath Island. Requires you to at least start Rum Deal and have level 42 slayer.
10 Use an Ectophile to return to Port Phasmatys. Requires the completion of Ghost Ahoy to obtain an ectophile. If you've never used the ectophile before, just click on it and your character will automatically pour it around his or herself.
11 Mix a Guthix Balance potion while in Morytania. Requires you to complete part of In Aid of the Myreque and have level 22 herblore. You'll need a restore potion, garlic, and silver dust.



Desert Treasure, Darkness of Hallowvale, King's Ransom, Nature Spirit, Haunted Mine, In Aid of the Myreque, and you must have started The Great Brain Robbery.

66 Magic, 50 Construction, 71 Agility, 53 Farming, 50 Woodcutting, 50 Firemaking, 58 Slayer, 70 Prayer, 70 Defence, and 55 Mining.

3 Teak Planks, 200 Law Runes, 100 Blood Runes, 3 Watermelon Seeds, any Axe, Tinderbox, Combat Gear, Witchwood Icon, Light Source, Mushroom Spore, Pickaxe, Crystal Mine Key, Hammer, and Saw.

Morytania Legs 3 (Unlimited Burgh De Rott teleports), 1 Antique Lamp worth 15,000 Experience in any skill above 50, Robin offers 26 pots of Bonemeal and 26 free buckets of slime each day in exchange for bones, 50% more Prayer experience from burning shade remains, Access to a shortcut across the estuary on Mos Le'Harmless, 50% more runes from the Barrows' chest, and all Medium Diary rewards,

Bonecrusher - An item that automatically crushes bones in your inventory and provides half the experience you would have gotten if you buried them. It can be claimed and charged with a small amount of ecto-tokens.


Task Number Command What To Do
1 Enter the Kharyrll portal in your Player Owned House. Requires the completion of Desert Treasure and level 66 magic.

If you don't have the portal in your POH, you'll need level 50 construction. You'll also need 200 law runes, 100 blood runes, a hammer, a saw, 2 limestone bricks, and 3 teak planks.
2 Climb the advanced spike chain within the Slayer Tower. Requires level 71 agility. The spikey chain is in the north eastern room of the second floor.
3 Harvest some watermelon from the Allotment patch on Harmony Island. Requires you to start The Great Brain Robbery and have level 47 farming. You'll need 3 watermelon seeds and a spade. To plant them you'll also need a rake and a seed dibber. Supercompost is recommended.
4 Chop and burn some mahogany logs on Mos Le'Harmless. Requires the completion of Cabin Fever, level 50 woodcutting, and level 50 firemaking. You'll need a woodcutting axe and tinderbox. A witchwood icon is recommended to protect yourself against the jungle horrors or cave horrors.
5 Complete a temple trek with a hard companion. Requires the completion of In Aid of the Myreque. You'll need armor and a weapon.

If you are travelling from the temple to Burgh De Rott you will need to have completed Darkness of Hallowvale.
6 Kill a cave horror. Requires the completion of Cabin Fever and level 58 slayer. You'll need a witchwood icon (can be bought from any slayer master) and a light source (bring a tinderbox in case it goes out). You'll also need armor and a weapon.
7 Harvest some Bittercap Mushrooms from the patch on Canifis. Requires level 53 farming. You'll need a mushroom spore and a spade. To plant it, you'll also need a rake and seed dibber.
8 Pray at the Altar of Nature with Piety activated. Requires the completion of Nature Spirit and King's Ransom. You'll need level 70 prayer and at least 1 lost prayer point.
9 Use the shortcut to get to the bridge over the Salve. Requires level 65 agility.
10 Mine some Mithril ore in the Abandoned Mine. Requires the completion of Haunted Mine and level 55 mining. You'll need a pickaxe and the crystal mine key you obtained during the quest. You can find mithrol on the second and sixth floors.



In Aid of the Myreque, Shades of Mort'ton, Lunar Diplomacy, and you must have completed parts of Barbarian Training.

96 Fishing, 76 Strength, 80 Firemaking, 83 Magic, 84 Crafting, 85 Slayer, 70 Defence, 70 Attack, and 70 Ranged.

Magic Pyre Logs, Shade Remains, Tinderbox, 2 Nature Runes, 3 Astral Runes, 15 Earth Runes, 3 Black Dragon Leather, Needle, Thread, Combat Equipment, and any full Barrows set.

Morytania Legs 4, 1 Antique lamp worth 50,000 experience in any skill above 70, 10% more Slayer experience in Slayer Tower, 50% more Firemaking experience when burning Shade remains, and access to a new herb patch on Harmony Island.

Robin now offers 39 pots of bonemeal in exchange for bones and 39 buckets of slime for free daily.

The Bonecrusher now gives you the full amount of prayer experience that you would have gotten if you bury the bones.


Task Number Command What To Do
1 Catch a shark in Burgh De Rott with your bare hands. Requires the completion of In Search of the Myreque and some of Barbarian Training. You'll need level 96 fishing and 76 strength.
2 Cremate any Shade remains on a Magic or Redwood pyre. Requires the completion of Shades of Mort'ton and level 80 firemaking. You'll need magic pyre logs, shade remains, and a tinderbox.
3 Fertilize the Moryania herb patch using Lunar Magic. Requires the completion of Lunar Diplomacy and level 80 magic. You'll need 2 nature runes, 3 astral runes, and 15 earth runes.
4 Craft a black dragonhide body in Canifis bank. Requires level 84 crafting. You'll need 3 black dragonhide leathers, a needle, and thread.
5 Kill an Abyssal demon in the Slayer Tower. Requires level 85 slayer and you'll need combat equipment.
6 Loot the Barrows chest while wearing any complete barrows set. Requires level 70 in attack, defence, ranged, magic, and stength. (You don't need all of the requirements. It depends on which set you choose to wear).
If you ever lose your Morytania Legs, you can speak to Le-Sabre in Canifis to obtain another.

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