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Must have started Elemental Workshop I

16 Fishing, 13 Farming, and 20 Agility.

Big Fishing Net, 33 coins, 3 Jute Seeds, Seed Dibber, Rake, Battered Key, Weapon, Fishbowl (filled), and Seaweed.

Kandarin headgear 1 (Functions as a light source), the Flax keeper will exchange 30 noted flax for 30 noted bow strings per day, the coal trucks will hold 140 coal, 1 Antique lamp with 2,500 experience in any skill over level 30, and 5% more Marks of Grace on Seers' Village Agility Course.

You'll get extra logs when cutting normal trees anywhere. However, there will be no additional experience.


Task Number Command What To Do
1 Catch a mackerel at Catherby. Requires level 16 fishing and a big fishing net.
2 Buy a candle from the candle maker in Catherby. Requires 3 coins.
3 Collect 5 flax from the Seers' Village flax field. No requirements.
4 Play the organ in the Seer's Village church. No requirements.
5 Plant jute seeds in the farming patch north of McGrubor's Wood. Requires level 13 farming and a rake, seed dibber, and 3 jute seeds.
6 Have Galahad make you a cup of tea. No requirements. He can be found in the little house near McGrubber's woods.
7 Defeat one of each elemental in the Elemental workshop. Must have started Elemental Workshop I. You'll need a battered key and weapon. Armor is highly recommended.

Killing the same elemental four times won't count towards this task.
8 Get a pet fish from Harry in Catherby. Requires level 42 crafting. You'll need a fishbowl filled with water and seaweed and 10 coins.
9 Buy a stew from the Seers' Village pub. Requires 20 coins.
10 Speak to Sherlock between the Sorcerer's Tower and Keep Le Faye. No requirements.
11 Cross the Coal Trucks log balance. Requires level 20 agility.



Elemental Workshop II, Waterfall Quest, Alfred Grimhand's Barcrawl, and you must have started Elemental Workshop II.

36 Agility, 48 Herblore, 40 Ranged, 22 Strength, 46 Fishing, 43 Cooking, 45 Magic, 50 Fletching, 26 Farming, 47 Thieving, and 30 Mining.

Vial of Water, Irit Leaf, Unicorn Horn Dust, Mith Grapple, Mithril (or higher) Crossbow, Dusty key (If you don't have 70+ Agility), Big Fishing Net, 1 Law Rune, 5 Air Runes, Maple Shortbow (u), Bow String, Limpwurt Seed, Rake, Seed Dibber, Mind Bar, Hammer, Beaten Book, Battered Key, Glarial's Amulet, Rope, Combat Equipment, Lockpick, Dramen or Lunar staff, and any Pickaxe.

Kandarin headgear 2, 10% extra experience whenever you cut maple trees in Seers' Village, 33% faster spinning at the Seers' Village spinning wheel, the Flax keeper will exchange 60 noted flax for 60 noted bow strings per day, the coal trucks will hold 240 coal, you'll recieve 10% more Marks of Grace from Seers' Village Agility Course, you'll have a 5% higher yield from the Catherby herb patch, and 1 Antique Lamp with 7,500 experience in any skill over level 40.


Task Number Command What To Do
1 Complete a lap of the Barbarian agility course. Requires the completion of Alfred Grimhand's Barcrawl and level 35 agility. You can use a game necklace to teleport straight to the Barbarian Outpost.
2 Create a Superantipoison potion from scratch in the Seers/Catherby area. Requires level 48 herblore. You'll need a vial of water, irit leaf, and unicorn horn dust. (Unicorn horn dust can be acquired by using a unicorn horn with a pestle and mortar).
3 Enter the Ranging Guild. Requires level 40 ranged.
4 Use the grapple shortcut to get from the water obelisk to Catherby shore. Requires level 36 agility, 22 strength, and 39 ranged. You'll need a mithril grapple and a crossbow of any kind. If you don't have level 70 agility you'll also need a dusty key. A dragonfire shield and anti-poison is highly recommended.
5 Catch and cook a bass in Catherby. Requires level 46 fishing and 43 cooking. You'll need a big fishing net.
6 Teleport to Camelot. Requires level 45 magic. You'll need one law rune and five air runes.
7 String a maple shortbow in Seers' Village bank. Requires level 50 fletching. You'll need a maple shortbow (u) and a bow string.
8 Pick some limpwurt root from the farming patch in Catherby. Requires level 26 farming. You'll need a limpwurt seed, rake, and a seed dibber. Supercompost is highly recommended.
9 Create a mind helmet. Requires the completion of Elemental Workshop II. You'll need a battered key (If you don't have a battered key it can be obtained from the beaten book that you recieve at the beginning of the quest.Search the bookcase again to obtain a new one), a hammer, and a mind bar.
10 Kill a fire giant in the Waterfall Dungeon. Requires the completion of Waterfall Quest. You'll need Glarial's amulet, rope, and combat equipment.
11 Complete a wave of Barbarian Assault. You'll need combat equipment and a high combat level is recommended.
12 Steal from the chest in Hemenster. Requires level 47 thieving and a lockpick.
13 Travel to McGrubor's Wood by Fairy ring. Requires a dramen or lunar staff and you must have started Fairytale II - Cure a Queen.
14 Mine some coal near the coal trucks. Requires level 30 mining and any pickaxe.



King's Ransom, Tai Bwo Wannai Trio, and you must have started Desert Treasure. You also need to have completed Barbarian Training in smithing, fishing, and firemaking. You'll also have to have completed Knight Waves Training Grounds.

70 Fishing, 60 Agility, 50 Strength, 60 Woodcutting, 70 Fletching, 10 Crafting, 70 Prayer, 70 Defence, 56 Magic, 65 Firemaking, 50 Construction, and 75 Smithing.

Barbarian Rod, Fishing Bait (Or Feather), Bow String, Unpowered Orb, 3 Cosmic Runes, 30 Water Runes, Dusty Key (If you don't have 70+ Agility), any Axe, Ring of Visibility, Adamantite Bar, Knife, Hammer, Maple Logs, Yew Logs, Combat Equipment, 120,000 Coins, and any Bow (The Cursed Goblin Bow, Dark Bow, and Crystal Bow don't count).

Kandarin headgear 3 (One free teleport to Sherlock every day), Thormac will enchant Battlestaves for 30,000 coins instead of 40,000, the Flax keeper will exchange 120 noted flax for 120 noted bow strings a day, the coal trucks will hold 308 coal, an Antique Lamp with 15,000 experience in any skill above level 50, and all Medium diary rewards.

You'll recieve 15% more Marks of Grace from the Seer's Village agility course, 10% more reward points from Barbarian Assault, and a 10% higher yield rate from the Catherby herb patch.

You'll also recieve the option to move your Camelot teleport to outside the Seer's Village Bank.


Task Number Command What To Do
1 Catch a leaping sturgeon. Requires Barbarian Training in fishing, level 70 fishing, 45 agility, and 45 strength. You'll need a barbarian rod and feathers or bait.
2 Complete a lap of the Seers' Village Agility Course. Requires level 60 agility.
3 Create a yew longbow from scratch around Seers' Village. Requires level 60 woodcutting, 70 fletching, and 10 crafting. You'll need an axe, bow string, and a knife.
4 Enter the Seers' Village courthouse with Piety turned on. Requires the completion of King's Ransom and Knight Waves Training Grounds. You'll need level 70 prayer and 70 defence.
5 Charge a water orb. Requires level 56 magic. You'll need three cosmic runes, 30 water runes, and an unpowered orb. If you don't have level 70 agility, you'll need a dusty key.
6 Burn some maple logs with a bow in Seers' Village. Requires the completion of Barbarian Training in firemaking and level 65 firemaking. You'll need maple logs and any bow. A cursed goblin bow, dark bow, and crystal bow won't work.
7 Kill a shadow hound in the Shadow Dungeon. You must have started Desert Treasure and acquired the Ring of Visibility.
8 Kill a Mithril dragon. Requires the completion of Barbarian Training in firemaking. You'll need combat equipment. A high combat level and level 43 prayer of recommended.
9 Purchase and equip a granite body from Barbarian Assault. Requires level 50 strength and 50 defence. You'll need combat equipment and 95,000 coins.
10 Have the Seers estate agent decorate your house with Fancy Stone. Requires level 50 construction. You'll need 25,000 coins (30,000 if it already have fancy stone).
11 Smith an adamant spear at Otto's Grotto. Requires the completion of Barbarian Training in smithing, Tai Bwo Wannai Trio, and level 75 smithing. You'll need yew logs, adamantite bar, and a hammer.



Family Crest, Lunar Diplomacy, and Barbarian Training .

79 Farming, 76 Fishing, 80 Cooking, 86 Herblore, 60 Agility, 90 Smithing, 85 Firemaking, 85 Crafting, and 87 Magic

Harpoon, Seed Dibber, Supercompost, Rake, Caviar, Runite Bar, Tinderbox, any Axe, Hammer, Chewed Bones, Spade, Stamina Potion (2), 10 Water Runes, 3 Astral Runes, 3 Law Runes, Cooking Gauntlets, Dwarf Weed Seed, and 2 Magic Logs.

Kandarin Headgear 4 (Unlimited teleports to Sherlock), Thormac will enchant Battlestaves for 20,000 Coins instead of 30,000, the Flax keeper will exchange 250 noted for 250 noted bow strings a day, 1 Antique Lamp with 50,000 in any skill above 70), and the first 200 coal you put in the coal trucks every day will be deposited into your bank.

You'll also recieve a 50% discount from Otto when you convert Zamorakian Spears into Hastae and you'll have a 15% higher yield from the Catherby herb patch.


Task Number Command What To Do
1 Read the blackboard at Barbarian Assault after reaching level 5 in every role. No requirements. You'll need combat equipment.
2 Pick some dwarf weed from the herb patch at Catherby. Requires level 79 farming. You'll need a dwarf weed seed, seed dibber, rake, and spade. Supercompost is highly recommended.
3 Fish and cook 5 sharks in Catherby using the Cooking gauntlets. Requires the completion of Family Crest, level 76 fishing, and 80 cooking. You'll need a harpoon and cooking gauntlets.
4 Mix a Stamina mix on top of the Seers' Village bank. Requires level 86 herblore and 60 agility. You'll need a stamina potion (2) and caviar.
5 Smith a rune hasta at Otto's Grotto. Requires the completion of Barbarian Training in smithing and level 90 smithing. You'll need a runite bar, magic logs, and hammer.
6 Construct a pyre ship from magic logs. Requires the completion of Barbarian Training in firemaking and level 85 in firemaking and crafting. You'll need magic logs, chewed bones, tinderbox, and an axe.
7 Teleport to Catherby. Requires the completion of Lunar Diplomacy and level 87 magic. You'll need three law runes, three astral runes, and ten water runes.
If you ever lose your Kandarin Headgear you can speak to "The Wedge" in Camelot to obtain another.

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