Items Recommended:
Food and Anti-Poison.
Starting Point:
The Kharidian Desert. Enter through the Shantay Pass in Al-Kharid.
Is this MiniGame Safe to play?:
Getting Started:



Must have started Icthlarin's Little Helper

5 Hunter, 5 Mining, and 21 Thieving.

1,000+ Coins (For magic carpet rides), a Shantay Pass (can be bought at the Shantay Pass store), a Bird Snare, any Pickaxe, Rope, Knife, Desert Shirt, Desert Robe, Desert Boots, any Grimy Herb, any Pyramid Plunder Artifact, Empty Waterskin, and a Ranged Weapon and Ammo or Runes.

Desert amulet 1, 1 Antique lamp worth 2,500 experience in any skill above 30, Pharaoh's sceptre will hold up to 4 charges, Simon Templeton will purchase artifacts as bank notes, and Desert goat horns will be dropped in noted form


Task Number Command What To Do
1 Catch a Golden Warbler. Requires a bird snare and level 5 hunting.
2 Mine 5 clay in the north-eastern desert. Requires any pickaxe and level 5 mining.
3 Enter the Kalphite Hive. You'll need a rope for this. To get there you can use the fairy ring code: BIQ.
4 Enter the desert with a set of desert robes equipped. Requires desert robes and boots.
5 Kill a vulture. Requires a range weapon or runes. Melee won't work.
6 Have the Nardah herbalist clean an herb for you. Requires 200 coins and any grimy herb. (Jungle herbs won't work).
7 Collect 5 potato cacti from the Kalphite Hive. Requires rope. Food and anti-poison are recommended to defend yourself against the kalphite soldiers.
8 Sell some artifacts to Simon Templeton. Requires any artifact found during a game of pyramid plunder. (Ex. Stone Scarab).
9 Open the Sarcophagus in the first room of Pyramid Plunder. Must have started Icthlarin's Little Helper. (A pharoah's sceptre will allow you to enter a game of pyramid plunder without having to start the quest).
10 Cut a desert cactus open to fill a waterskin. Requires a knife and an empty waterskin.
11 Travel from the Shantay Pass to Pollnivneach by magic carpet. Requires 200 Coins.



The Golem, Enakhra's Lament, Spirits of the Elid, and Eagle's Peak

30 Agility, 22 Slayer, 47 Hunter, 25 Thieving, 45 Strength, 36 Herblore, 35 Woodcutting, and 20 Construction.

1,000+ Coins (For magic carpet rides), Ice Cooler (bring multiple), a Rope, Small Fishing Net, any Woodcutting Axe, any Light Source, Scroll of Redirection, Teleport to House, Harralander Potion (Unf), Goat Horn Dust (Must be made in the desert and not within city limits), and a Charged Camulet.

Desert amulet 2 (Free teleport to Nardah once a day), all Easy Diary rewards, 1 Antique lamp worth 7,500 experience in any skill above 40, and the Pharaoh's sceptre holds up to 5 charges


Task Number Command What To Do
1 Climb to the summit of the Agility Pyramid. Climb the climbing rocks on the west side of with the doorway in it. Waterskins and desert robes highly recommended.
2 Slay a desert lizard. Requires level 22 slayer and an ice cooler. (Ice coolers can be purchased from any slayer master).
3 Catch an orange salamander. Requires a rope, small fishing net, and level 47 hunter. Multiple ropes is recommended.
4 Steal a Phoenix feather from the Desert phoenix. Requires level 25 thieving. (If you already have a pheonix quill pen from The Golem, you will not be able to steal another feather. Check your bank first).
5 Travel to Uzer via magic carpet. Requires the completion of The Golem and 200 coins or ring of charos for 100 coins.
6 Travel to the desert via the Eagle transport system. Requires the completion of Eagle's Peak and a rope.
7 Pray at the Elidinis Statuette in Nardah. Requires the completion of Spirits of the Elid and less than full prayer points.
8 Create a combat potion in the desert. Requires level 36 herblore. You'll need a harralander potion (unf) and goat horn dust. (The goat horn dust needs to be made in the desert and not within city limits).
9 Teleport to Enakhra's Temple with the Camulet. Requires the completion of Enakhra's Lament and a camulet.
10 Visit the genie. You can find the geneie in the crevice west of Nardah. It requires the completion of Spirits of the Elid. You'll need a rope and a light source.
11 Teleport to Pollnivneach with a redirected teleport to house tablet. Requires level 20 construction and a scroll of redirection.
12 Chop some teak logs near Uzer. Requires level 35 woodcutting and any axe.



The Feud, Dream Mentor, Desert Treasure, and Contact!.

70 Agility, 45 Mining, 68 Magic, 65 Thieving, 65 Slayer, 55 Crafting, 50 Attack, 10 Defence, 60 Firemaking, and 68 Smithing.

Any Blackjack, Empty waterskin, 1 Astral Rune, 1 Fire Rune, 3 Water Runes, Combat Gear, Slayer Helmet, Keris, 5 Mithril Bars, 1 Yew Log, Tinderbox, Hammer, any Pickaxe, and a Light Source.

Desert amulet 3, all Medium Diary rewards, 1 Antique lamp worth 15,000 experience in any skill above 50, all Carpet Rides are free, and the Pharaoh's sceptre will hold up to 6 charges.

Option to move the Camulet teleport location to the cavern entrance
Zahur will create unfinished potions at a cost of 200 coins each—works with notes.


Task Number Command What To Do
1 Knock out and pickpocket a Menaphite Thug. Requires the completion of The Feud, level 65 thieving, and any blackjack.
2 2. Mine some granite. Requires level 45 mining and any pickaxe
3 Refill your waterskins in the Desert using Lunar spells. Requires the completion of Dream Mentor and level 68 magic. You'll need 1 astral rune, 1 fire rune, and 3 water runes.
4 Kill the Kalphite Queen. A high combat level and good weapons and armor are highly recommended. You must deal enough damage to get the drop for the completion of this task.
5 Complete a lap of the Pollnivneach Agility Course. Requires level 70 agility.
6 Slay a Dust Devil with a Slayer helmet equipped. Requires 65 slayer, 10 defence, 55 crafting and the start of Desert Treasure completed. You'll need a slayer helmet and combat gear.
7 Activate Ancient Magicks. Requires the completion of Desert Treasure.
8 Defeat a locust rider with Keris. Requires the completion of Contact! and level 50 attack to weild the Keris. You'll also need a light source.
9 Burn some yew logs on the Nardah Mayor's balcony. Requires level 60 firemaking, 1 yew log, and a tinderbox.
10 Create a Mithril platebody in Nardah. Requires level 68 smithing, 5 mithril bars, and a hammer.



Rune Mysteries

85 Cooking, 95 Fletching, 94 Magic, 78 Construction, 91 Thieving, and 85 Prayer.

Raw Wild Pie, Empty Waterskin, 2 Blood Runes, 4 Death Runes, 6 Water Runes, 1 Dragon Dart Tip, 1 Feather, Kalphite Queen head (+50,000 coins to stuff), 2 Mahogany Planks, and 2 Gold Leaves.

Desert amulet 4 Will protect you from the desert heat when worn and unlimited teleports to Nardah), all Hard Diary rewards, 1 Antique lamp worth 50,000 experience in any skill above 70, the Pharaoh's sceptre holds up to 8 charges, you'll have access to a shortcut in the Kalphite Lair (86 Agility required), Free Shantay Pass access.

Permanent rope at the Kalphite Hive entrance (Both ropes need to be placed the first time you enter the lair after completing the Diary.)


Task Number Command What To Do
1 Bake a wild pie at the Nardah clay oven. Requires level 85 cooking and a raw wild pie.
2 Cast Ice Barrage against a foe in the Desert. Requires the completion of Desert Treasure and level 94 magic. You'll need 2 blod runes, 4 death runes, and 6 water runes.
3 Fletch some Dragon darts at the Bedabin Camp. Requires the completion of The Tourist Trap and level 95 fletching. You'll need at least one dragon dart tip and a feather.
4 Speak to the Kalphite Queen head in your POH. Requires the completion of Priest in Peril. If you dont already have a Kalphite Queen head in your house, you'll need to get one. It must be stufed by the taxidermist. You'll need 50,000 coins, 2 mahogany planks, and 2 gold leaves.
5 Steal from the Grand Gold Chest in the final room of Pyramid Plunder. Requires level 95 thieving and you must have started Icthlarin's Little Helper.
6 Restore at least 85 Prayer points when praying at the altar in Sophanem. Requires level 85 prayer and you must have started Icthlarin's Little Helper.
If you ever lose your Desert Amulet, you can speak with Jarr at the Shantay Pass to obtain another.

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