Starting Point:
The City of Ardougne.
Is this MiniGame Safe to play?:
Getting Started:

To locate the Achievement Diary, click the green star in the top right corner of your quest interface and select Ardougne.



Biohazard and Rune Mysteries.

15 Fishing and 5 Thieving

100 Coins, Silk, and a Rusty Sword.

Ardougne Cloak 1 (provides unlimited teleports to the Ardougne Monastery), 1 Antique Lamp worth 2,500 Experience in any skill above 30, When Trading cats to civilians you'll get double the death runes (200), 10% increased chance to successfully steal from the stalls in Ardougne, and Some noted drops at the Tower of Life.


Task Number Command What To Do
1 Have Wizard Cromperty teleport you to the rune essence mine. Visit Wizard Cromperty and ask him to teleport you to the Rune Essence Mine. (Must have completed Rune Mysteries).
2 Steal a cake from the Ardougne market stalls. Hide behind a barrel so that no one sees you and click on the stall. Your player will automatically try to steal a cake. If someone sees you, a guard will come after you and attack you.
3 Sell silk to the Silk Trader in Ardougne for 60 coins each. Speak with the Silk Trader and compromise with him until he agrees to buy a piece of silk from you for 60 coins. (If you stole the silk, don't try to speak to him until 30 minutes after).
4 Use the altar in East Ardougne's Church. Go into the church and recharge your prayer points. (If you are at full prayer just turn on one of them and wait until you lose some points).
5 Go out fishing on the Fishing Trawler. You only need to start the minigame for it to count.
6 Enter the Combat Training Camp north of West Ardougne. You must have completed Biohazard to enter.
7 Have Tindel Marchant identify a rusty sword for you. Tindel will identify it for 100 coins. It won't count towards completing a task if he doesn't identify it as anything of worth. Bring a couple just in case this happens. (Rusty Swords can be obtained by pickpocketing H.A.M. Members).
8 Use the Ardougne lever to teleport to the Wilderness. Just pulling it once will complete the task, so right after you can pull it again to return to Ardougne. (It will teleport you deep into the Wilderness, so watch out for PKers).
9 View Aleck's Hunter Emporium in Yanille. Trade with Aleck in order to "View" his shop.
10 Check what pets you have insured with Probita in Ardougne. Not having a pet insured won't keep you from completing the task. Just speak with Probita.



Enlightened Journey, The Hand in the Sand, Tower of Life, and Underground Pass. You must have started Fairytale II - Cure A Queen and must have partially completed Watchtower and Sea Slug

38 Strength, 38 Thieving, 21 Ranged, 39 Agility, 51 Magic, 50 Attack, 50 Firemaking, and 31 Farming.

Dramen or Lunar Staff, Mithril Grapple (with rope), Any Crossbow, 2 Water Runes, 2 Law Runes, 3 Strawberry Seeds, 1 Basket of Apples, Farming Tools: Seed dibber, Rake, and Spade. 1 Log, Fishing Rod and bait or small fishing net, and Light Source, Skavid Map, 1 Raw Chicken, 1 Raw Swordfish, 1 Yew Log, and Iban's Upgraded Staff.

Ardougne Cloak 2 (Provides one free teleport to the Ardougne Farming Patch daily), 1 Antique Lamp worth 7,500 Experience in any skill above 40, Wizard Cromperty gives 100 noted pure essence free every day if you speak to him, more Noted Drops from the Tower of Life, 10% chances increased at successfully pickpocketing in Ardougne, Ability to toggle the Ring of Life teleport to Ardougne, Receive additional runes when crafting essence at the Ourania Altar, and all easy rewards.


Task Number Command What To Do
1 Enter the unicorn pen in Ardougne Zoo using Fairy Rings. Use another Fairy Ring to teleport into the Unicorn Pen. Use code BIS.
2 Grapple over Yanille's south wall. Use a Mithril Grapple (With rope) to climb over the wall.
3 Harvest some strawberries from the Ardougne Farming Patch. To complete this task you have to grow some strawberries (Strawberry seeds, seed dibber, rake, compost, and watering can. If you pay the farmer to watch over them for you it costs 1 basket of apples.
4 Cast the Ardougne teleport spell. Requires 2 law runes, 2 water runes, and level 51 Magic.
5 Travel to Castlewars using the Hot Air Balloon. Requires 1 yew log. If you haven't unlocked the route yet then you'll need 11 yew logs and a set of normal logs to return.
6 Claim buckets of sand from Bert in Yanille. Requires the completion of The Hand in the Sand. Just speak with him and he'll send them to your bank.
7 Catch any fish on the fishing platform. Requires a fishing rod and bait or small fishing net.
8 Pickpocket the Master Farmer north of Ardougne. Requires level 38 thieving.
9 Collect some Nightshade from the Skavid Caves. Requires any light source and a skavid map.

During the Watchtower quest the Skavis map was obtained by bribing the ogre guards with a rock cake, 20 coins, and a death rune. Upon completion if you need to get another map you can get one at the same place as in the quest and you shouldn't need any of those items. However, if it's been awhile since you've completed it bring the items just in case.
10 Kill a swordchick in the Tower of Life. Use a raw chicken and raw swordfish on the altar on the east side of the south-western part of the room. Bring a weapon.
11 Equip the upgraded Iban's Staff or upgrade an Iban Staff. You can purchase the upgraded Iban staff for 200,000 coins from the Dark Mage in West Ardougne near the entrance to the Underground Pass.

If you don't have your staff anymore, you can get another one by going through the Underground pass and killing Iban's followers near his temple until they drop a broken one. Then take it to the Dark Mage and he will fix it for 200,000 coins and give you the option to upgrade it for 200,000 (A total of 400,000 coins).
12 Visit the island east of the Necromancer's tower. You can do this by fairy ring code: AIR.



Monkey Madness, Legends Quest, Mourning's End Part II, and Watchtower.

68 Smithing, 72 Thieving, 59 Hunter, 66 Magic, 50 Construction, 70 Farming, and 65 Runecrafting.

An Uncharged Skills Necklace or Combat Bracelet, Karamjan Monkey Greegree, any Crossbow, 2 Earth Runes, 2 Law Runes, 1 Rope, Small Fishing Net, 1 Palm Sapling, 1 Poison Ivy Seed, Hammer, 5 Mithril Bars, Shield Left Half, Shield Right Half, Pure Essence, Death Talisman, and a Lockpick.

Ardougne Cloak 3, 1 Antique Lamp worth 15,000 Experience in any skill above 50, Wizard Cromperty will give 150 noted pure essence every day if you talk to him, increased Noted Drops from the Tower of Life, 10% chance of succeeding when pickpocketing around Gielinor, the ability to toggle the Watchtower Teleport to the center of Yanille, and all medium rewards.


Task Number Command What To Do
1 Recharge some jewelry at the totem in the Legend's Guild. Requires an uncharged skills necklace or combat bracelet.
2 Enter the Magic Guild. The magic guild is in the center of Yanille and requires level 66 magic to enter.
3 Attempt to steal from King Lathas' chest. Requires a lockpick and level 72 thieving.
4 Have a Zookeeper put you in Ardougne Zoo's monkey cage. Requires a Karmajan monkey greegree and the completion of Monkey Madness.
5 Teleport to the Watchtower. Requires 2 law runes, 2 earth runes, and level 58 magic.
6 Catch a red salamander. Requires at least 1 rope, small fishing net, and level 59 hunter.
7 Check the health of a palm tree near Tree Gnome Village. In order to complete this task you must have already planted a palm tree in the patch. It requires 1 palm tree sapling (Obtained by using a gardening trowel to plant a palm tree seed into a pot of soil and then watering it with a watering can) and level 58 farming. It's recommended to pay the gardener 15 papaya fruit to watch over it so it doesn't get diseased or die.
8 Pick some Poison Ivy berries from the patch south of Ardougne. To complete this task you must have already planted some poison ivy. This requires 1 poison ivy seed and level 70 farming.
9 Smith a Mithril Platebody near Ardougne. Requires 5 mithril bars, a hammer, and level 68 smithing. This task will be completed if you smith it at the Port Khazard, Yanille, or West Ardougne anvils.
10 Enter your Play Owned House from Yanille. Requires 50 construction for your house to be in Yanille. If it isn't already, you will have to move there for 25,000 coins.
11 Smith a dragon square sheild in West Ardougne. Requires a shield left half, shield right half, a hammer, level 60 smithing, and the completion of Legends Quest.
12 Craft some death runes. Requires the completion of Mourning's End Part II. You'll need pure essence and a death talisman or a runecrafting cape or access to the abyss. You can gain access to the abyss by completing the miniquest, Enter the Abyss.



Desert Treasure and Haunted Mine

91 Smithing, 81 Fishing, 10 Crafting, 82 Thieving, 91 Cooking, 94 Magic, 69 Fletching, 85 Farming, and 90 Agility.

Raw Manta Ray (Needs to be obtained through Fishing Trawler), Lockpick, 1 Yew Log, 1 Crossbow String, 1 Runite Bar, Salve Amulet (i), 1 Torstol Seed, 2 Blood Runes, 4 Death Runes, 6 Water Runes, Hammer, and a Knife.

Ardougne Cloak 4 (Provides unlimited teleports to the Ardougne Farming Patch), 1 Antique Lamp worth 50,000 Experience in any skill above 70, 50% More fish from Fishing Trawler, 25% more Marks of Grace from the Ardougne Rooftop Agility Course, all Hard rewards, Wizard Cromperty will give 250 noted Pure Essence every day if you talk to him and Bert will now automatically deliver 84 buckets of sand to your bank each day.


Task Number Command What To Do
1 Attempt to picklock the door to the basement of Yanille Agility Dungeon. Requires 1 lockpick and level 82 thieving.
2 Pickpocket a Hero. Requires 80 thieving.
3 Make a rune crossbow yourself from scratch within Witchaven or Yanille. Requires 10 crafting, 91 smithing, and 69 fletching. You'll need yew logs, sinew, 1 runite bar, hammer, and a knife.

Use the sinew to craft a crossbow string in Witchaven. (Tree roots don't count). Then, smith runite limbs and fletch a yew stock in Yanille. Use the crossbow string with the runite crossbow (u) to make a rune crossbow.
4 Imbue a salve amulet at Nightmare Zone or equip an imbued salve amulet. Requires the completion of Haunted Mine. Requires 800,000 Nightmare Zone points.
5 Pick some Torstol from the patch north of Ardougne. Requires 1 torstol seeds and 85 farming. Supercompost is highly recommended.
6 Complete a lap of Ardougne's rooftop agility course. Requires 90 agility.
7 Cast Ice Barrage on another player in Castle Wars. Requires level 94 magic and the completion of Desert Treasure . You'll need 2 blood runes, 4 death runes, and 6 water runes. You have to damage the opponent for the task to be completed.
If you ever lose your Ardougne Cloak, you can speak to Two-Pints in the Flying Horse Inn in Ardougne to obtain another.

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