Quests Required:
Priest in Peril
Nature Spirit
In Aid of the Myreque
*It's recommended to complete Darkness of Hallowvale to be able to play Burgh de Rott Ramble, thus make the game a round trip.
Items Needed:
Good armour, Druid pouches and one of the following: Rod of Ivandis, Silver sickle (b), Wolfbane, or Darklight.
Skill Levels Recommended:
Combat level 80 or higher.
Starting Point:
At the gate of Burgh de Rott. Talk to one of the Villagers to escort them
Is this MiniGame Safe to play?:
Getting Started:

Introduction: Temple Trekking and Burgh de Rott Ramble is a miniature adventure with various rewards in stock. Your goal is to escort an adventurer or a villager through Morytania and make sure they are alive and well upon reaching their destination. In doing so, they will reward you and, depending on your success, the rewards will be something to look forward to. How about tomes of learning?! Or maybe a nice looking Lumberjack set...

Table of Contents

How to play

To successfully play this game you should have completed Darkness of Hallovale. It will make gaming so much easier. This guide assumes that you start at Paterdomus. Trekking works the same way no matter at what starting point you use. The only difference is where to cash in tokens (check The Rewards for more info).

First you need to equip yourself with the appropriate items. Head over to Canifis bank and withdraw the following items. Remember, if you die during this mini-game you WILL lose your items. This is no different from dying in the rest of Runescape.

Armour: Full rune or better.
Weapon: Rune longsword or better.
Food: 5-10 Monkfish or better.
A Snelm: HIGHLY recommended against the Giant snails range attacks. This no joke! It greatly reduces damage. A player with high combat will find this saves Prayer potions when fighting the low level snails.
1-2 Prayer potions: If you attempt the tougher routes and "red" travellers. If you have low combat level you might want to bring 1 more. These also come in handy if you use your Silver sickle (b) Cast-Bloom option during the events. Cast-Bloom drains your prayer for each spell.
20+ Druid pouches: These will allow you to kill Ghasts.
Rod of Ivandis, Wolfbane, Silver sickle (b), or Darklight: All of these will allow you to defeat Juvinates. A crossbow (Steel or better) with silver bolts can also be used but it's not recommended as it's a total waste of time on the harder routes (even for a level 80+ ranger without armour). Silver sickle can also be used though Silver sickle (b) is better since you can use Cast-Bloom in the swamp to get Mort Myre Fungi, Twigs or even Mort Myre pear, which you can fill your pouches with. It can also be used to cut branches from the spiky bush.
Ring of Life: In case you consider the harder routes in combination with a "red" traveler.

The following items are to consider:
Dragon dagger: A good choice for the harder treks, if your traveler reaches critical health.
Gadderhammer: This is said to be efficient against Shadows, though the Abyssal whip was found to be better. In combination with Salve amulet (e) it may be as good as Abyssal whip.
Salve amulet (e): This gives a 20% increase of strength and accuracy when fighting the undead (Shadows among others).


Head over to the Adventurers and talk to one of them. (Please check The Travelers for more information before you start trekking. It could mean the life or death of you and your traveler if you don't.) The adventurer will ask you to take him or her to Burgh de Rott. Tell them that you are the right person to do so. You can give your traveler some food before you start trekking. This is recommended for the dangerous treks. For more information, read Food for the traveler.

After that, you have to chose a route. There are three different types:

Route One - the blue route - 0-2 events - Long but easy.
Route Two - the yellow route - 2-5 events - Medium but harder.
Route Three - the red route - 2-4 events - Short and very dangerous.

If you are a beginner, choose Route One.

When travelling, you will see pawns move on the map. This is you and your companion. Whenever you see a big exclamation mark (!) on the map, it means you have run into an event.

When an event takes place, you will have the choice of Complete, Evade or Escaping the event. In order to Complete the event, you will have to kill all monsters or solve the puzzle you are facing. When you have done that, look for a few squares of light green leaf-like rocks on the ground opposite of where you entered. Choose Continue-Trek.

If you feel that the event is too difficult, you have the option of Evading or Escaping.

Evade can only be chosen during Route One or Two and only when you bump into monsters. There is less chance of evading an event during Route Two. You need to defeat 50% of the monsters on Route Two before you can Evade the event. If you have three monsters then you have to kill two. If you have five monsters then kill three. There is no way to Evade an event during Route Three. You have to choose Escape.
When you Evade, you will still be able to continue the trek.
You will find the Evade exit on the left hand side of the "entrance".

Escaping an event can be chosen on all three routes, and during all monster events. When you Escape you will no longer be able to finish the trek. Instead you end up in the relevant area of Morytania and have to start over. You will find the Escape exit on the right hand side of the "entrance".

In order to successfully end a monster event, make sure they have set their eyes on you first and not the traveller. Then all you have to do is make sure YOU don't die.

Once you have finished the trek you will be handed a token from the person you escorted. In order to cash it in you have to return to the starting point which, if you followed this guide, is Paterdomus. Talk to Hiylik Myna to get your reward.
When you get tokens from the Burgh de Rott Villagers, go to Burgh de Rott bank to cash them in. You can keep your tokens and cash them in later if you want but since they cannot be stacked, not even in the bank, this is a bad idea.

Note: Make sure you have at least one inventory space available. Otherwise your token will be dropped on the ground. Don't worry too much though. You can't miss the flashing yellow arrow indicating the drop.

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The travelers

There are three types of travelers, each with their own difficulty level and rewards. They are dressed in over all Blue, Yellow or Red, or wear capes in these colors, which are an indicator of how difficult it is to escort them. Blue being easy to red being quite, if not very difficult.

A blue traveler causes 3 monsters to attack during an Event.
A yellow traveler causes 4 monsters to attack during an Event.
A red traveler causes 5 monsters to attack during an Event.

As a first-time player, choose a blue traveler.

The Adventurers (Paterdomus)

Name Description
The Adventurer He's one of the easier travellers to escort. He will defend himself against the monsters, but still need help against the more difficult ones. His reward is small.
The Mage She is more than capable of taking care of herself. But like the Adventurer, she still needs to be looked after during the more difficult monsters. Her reward is also a small one.
The Apprentice He's a learning mage still in need to be looked after. Especially on the more difficult routes. His reward is one of the medium ones.
The Ranger She's a somewhat experienced ranger you should be able to make it on her own during the two easier routes. It is recommended to give her some food, should you bring her on the third route. She will give you a medium reward at the end.
The Forester The Forester is weaker than he looks, so be sure to give him food before you head out on a trek with him. His reward is one of the greatest.
The Woman-at-arms Though she looks like she could take on any guard in Varrock, the woman-at-arms is a very difficult traveller to escort. Her hitpoints level is quite low so it is highly recommended to give her food at the start. If she survives she will give you one of the greater rewards.

The Villagers (Burgh de Rott)

Name Description
Dalcian Fang Dalcian is an easy man to escort. He is capable of fighting and surviving most monsters, but should still be kept an eye on when you encounter the Giant snails or Giant Snakes. His reward is however small.
Fyiona Fray Just like Dalcian, Fyiona is one of the easier villagers to escort. She can defend herself in battle though you still need to keep an eye on her when you encounter the more difficult monsters. Her reward is however small.
Jayene Kliyn Jayene is capable of fighting on her own, but it's still recommended to give her food at the start. She gives you a medium reward.
Valantay Eppel Valantay, just like Jayene, is somewhat capable fighter and will be able to fend off monsters in battle. You should still do your best to protect him. His reward is a medium one.
Rolayne Twickit Rolayne is an old man who will try to defend himself during battle. You still need to keep an eye on him and do your best in defeating the monsters. It's recommended to hand him some food at the beginning. If he survives the trek he will will give you the greater rewards.
Smiddi Ryak Smiddi is but a small girl with little hitpoints. Escorting her is quite difficult as she cannot fight for herself. You should hand her some food at the start no matter what route you choose. She will reward you with the greatest rewards.
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The events

In order to cross the bog you need to feel your way through. Use a Knife or Silver sickle on a spiky bush to get spiny sticks. Cut off as many as you can. Next you need to Use the stick on the bog and keep an eye on the messages that appear in the chat menu. If it says something like "Euw, it's too soft" then you cannot walk on it. You need to find the Firm areas and walk on them. Try to remember where you have walked because sometimes the firm path leads to a dead end.
It's also possible that your stick will get sucked into the bog.
You will not keep the sticks after you complete the event.

The Broken Bridge comes in three different versions. The 'Tree event', the 'Undead Lumberjack' and the 'Mixed event'.

In the Tree event, cut down the three trees nearby. If you don't have an axe with you, kill the Zombie to get a bronze axe. Wield the axe (not required if you have a hammer) and use each log on the gap of the bridge.

If you have the Undead Lumberjack event, kill them when they come out of the river. One WILL drop a piece of Lumberjack clothing. Wield your axe (not required if you have a hammer) and use the planks on the gap of the bridge. If you don't have an axe with you, kill the Zombie to get a bronze axe.
You may keep any additional planks that you get.

In order to cross the river you need something you can swing across with. If you don't have a knife with you, Search the backpack on the ground. Then use the knife on the nearby tree to cut off a Short vine. Do this three times, then use the Short vine on one of the others to get a Long vine. Use it on the branch of the larger tree and choose swing across.

This is a tricky one. You need to feed the sick people before they turn into Ghasts. There are five stages: Sick, Sick!, Very Sick, Ghastly, and lastly they become Ghasts.
Best option is to give them some of the food from your inventory. If you didn't bring any you need to kill snails and cook them on a fire and feed the people. There's a tinderbox on the ground and a tree to get a log from. The people will be at different sickness stages at the start of the event so make sure you feed the most sick ones first. This is however a slow procedure and one or more people are guaranteed to transform on the harder routes.

Sometimes you'll bump into Abidor Crank. He looks suspicious but all he wants to do is help. He will raise you and your companions hitpoints and defence levels, even above your maximum level, and turn any rotten food into stew.

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The monsters

A query to Jagex says that monster level depend not only on the difficulty of a route but also the combat level of the player. So there may be lower levels to encounter. The higher levels were encountered by several 100+ players.

Name Combat Level Route Info
Ghast 79, 109, 139 All routes The only difference with the Ghasts are their combat level, which increase depending on the route you choose.
You need Druid pouches to defeat these. One pouch per Ghast. Then kill them with the weapon of your choice.
Giant snail 79, 80, 109, 139 All routes The only difference with the snails are their combat level, which increase depending on the route you choose. These are tough, even on the easy route. It is HIGHLY recommended that you wear a snelm when you fight these on the more easier route combinations. It will save you some prayer potions. But when you get to the more harder choices (Route Two and "red" traveller or Route Three) then you should have the prayer potions ready.
When you have killed it, collect the shell. You will get 600gp for a normal shell, and 600gp plus 500 crafting experience for Perfect shell from Barlak in Dorgesh-Kaan when you trade with him.
Juvinate 59, 89, 90, 119 All routes All Juvinates look the same and behave the same.
Defeat it with either Rod of Ivandis, Silver sickle, Silver sickle (b), or Wolbane. On the harder routes don’t use crossbow with silver bolts as it’s a total waste of time and bolts.
Nail beast 69, 98, 141 All routes This can be quite the opponant. When you get attacked you will get hit three consecutive times. Make sure you bring food!
Nail beast drop nails which is the second ingredient for making Sanfew serum cure all potion.
Shadow/Shade 80, 110, 140 All routes There are three types of shadows – Riyl (route 1), Asyn (route 2) and Shade (route 3).
Gadderhammer is said to be a good choice to dispose of these threats, though when tested Abyssal whip worked best. You have to make sure they all target you because they will easily dispose of your companion if you don't.
Swamp snake 79, 80, 109, 139 All routes The only difference with the snakes are their combat level, which increase depending on the route you choose.
When you have killed it, use your knife on the snakes to get Snake hide. You get 2 to 5 hides per snake.
Tentacle monster 99, 140 Route three The Tentacle monster only appears on Route three while you’re floating on the stream. It’s head is level 140 and it’s four tentacles are level 99 each. You need to make sure the Tentacles are targeting you because they will do lots of damage to the traveller. Kill those first and then go after the head. If you kill the head before you have defeated the tentacles it will regenerate. Despite being lvl 140, the head doesn't do a whole lot of damage.
Undead Lumberjack 30, 35, 40, 45, 60, 70 All routes An easy monster to kill. It drops planks to be used in one of the Broken Bridge events.
One of them will drop a piece of Lumberjack clothing which could be worth saving. They do not drop clothing if you encounter them when there are trees nearby.
Zombie 23 All routes All Zombies have level 23 no matter which route you’re on. A very easy opponant to deal with. It drops a bronze axe during the Broken Bridge event.
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Food for the traveler

You have a choice of giving your traveler some food at the start. This is not necessary for Route One, but is recommended for the other two routes. Food will allow them to heal themselves. You cannot do it during an event. All you will get is 'Nothing interesting happens.' and you may have lost valuable hits to the monster. To give food, Use the food on the traveler. You'll get a menu with different meals listed and how much the traveler has. You may only give the traveler a total of 15 units. 1 unit will be spent for every 10 or so hitpoints the traveler loses. The food is shared between all travelers so there's no need to try serve them all.

If the traveler has food left at the end of a trek it will be stored (though the number of units of that/those particular food is not displayed). The menu will however show how much free space the traveler has. The food will remain even if you log out.

The meals you can give are:
Thin snail meat, Lean snail meat, Fat snail meat, Salmon, Stew, Cooked slimy eel, Cooked meat, Tuna, Fish cake, Lobster, Bass, Redberry pie, Apple pie, Garden pie, Fish pie, Cake, Chocolate cake, Cooked sweetcorn, and Potatoe with butter.

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The rewards

There are several different rewards and the amount you get depends on which person you escorted, what route you chose and how well you did during all events. You can choose which reward you would like to receive. You can claim your rewards direct from the token
All rewards except Wildblood and Watermelon seeds and tomes are noted.

Name Amount
Bow string 15-170
Coal and Iron 2-56
Herbs (Toadflax and either Harralander or Tarromin) 2-75
Raw lobster 3-50
Pure essence 27-666
Silver bar 18-62
Watermelon seed 1-16


On occasion you will receive a tome. This will grant you experience in a chosen skill. There are seven different tomes dedicated to Agility, Firemaking, Fishing, Mining, Slayer, Thieving and Woodcutting.

Blue tomes
Experience gained: 1154 - 1370

Yellow tomes
Experience gained: 1346 - 2937

Red tomes
Experience gained: 4301

Additional rewards

Name Info
Asyn remains Can be burned using Yew pyre logs or better
Fiyr remains Can only be burned using Magic pyre logs
Lumberjack outfit Gives a 2.5% experience boost when woodcutting
Nail beast nails Second ingredient in the Sanfew serum cure all potion
Perfect snail shell Trade with Barlak in Dorgesh-Kaan to receive 500 crafting experience and 600gp
Riyl remains Can be burned using Willow pyre logs or better
Snail shell Trade with Barlak in Dorgesh-Kaan for 600gp
Snake hide Tan these for 20gp (not 15gp like normal snake hide) and you can make snake hide armour
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