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Description: Osman is thirsty and he wants you to get him some sq'irk juice. His friend, who he recently fell out with, has a garden full of it. But she won't give any to so you will have to sneak across the garden and get some yourself.

Please note, this is a 'Safe' minigame because there is nothing to kill you here. If you have been poisoned before you enter the mini-game area, then you can STILL die and lose items. This is a Member's Only Mini-game.

Difficulty: Easy/Medium depending on your running energy and how fast you can hide.

Must have completed the Prince Ali Rescue Quest,
Level 65 Thieving for the Summer garden,
Level 45 Thieving for the Autumn garden,
Level 25 Thieving for the Spring garden,
Level 1 Thieving for the Winter garden.

Items needed: Pestle and mortar and some empty beer glasses to store the juice. Boots of lightness, Spotted/Spottier cape, and Energy potions are also recommended.

Start Point: Just outside Al-Kharid Palace

To Start: Speak to Osman

Al Kharid Map

Talk to Osman and he will tell you that he wants some Sq'irk juice, which has to be squeezed from sq'irks. They can be found in the Sorceress' garden on the southeastern side of Al-Kharid near the Shantay Pass.

Go to the house (with a transportation symbol on it) and talk to the Apprentice. She will tell you that all she does is clean the house and that she is not allowed to use magic to do it.

When talking to her, choose the options that shows you are listening (not the ones that say she is mumbling or that you are not interested).

Eventually you get to the point where you can ask her to use her magic on you. She will then teleport you to the Sorceress' garden. The next time you want to go to the garden, you can skip all the speech by right-clicking her and choosing Teleport Apprentice.

The Garden

If you enter the Garden, you will first notice a big fountain in the middle. If you drink from this you will get teleported back to the house in Al-Kharid. Also you will notice 4 areas surrounding the middle area. The Autumn Garden is located to the south, the Winter Garden is to the west, the Summer Garden is to the north, and to the east is the Spring Garden. Opening the gates of any of the gardens will start the game.

The Game

The game is very easy once you get the hang of it. You will have to sneak past all the elementals without getting caught. You can hide in alcoves or any area where you are not in front of the elementals. You can be right next to one and it won't see you unless you are directly in front of it.

Make your way through the garden to either the patch of herbs or the sq'irk tree. You can pick one sq'irk or two herbs before you will be teleported back to the fountain. The chance of getting a higher level herb is lower than that of getting a lower level herb.

Here is a map of the routes the elementals follow.

Elemental Route Map


Elemental Image
Winter Winter Elemental
Spring Spring Elemental
Autumn Autumn Elemental
Summer Summer Elemental

Sq'irk Trees

Sq'irk Tree Image
Winter Winter Tree
Spring Spring Tree
Autumn Autumn Tree
Summer Summer Tree

Making Sq'irk Juice

Sq'irk Juice Image Thieving Level Required Sq'irks Required
Winter Winter Sq'irk Juice 1 5
Spring Spring Sq'irk Juice 25 4
Autumn Autumn Sq'irk Juice 45 3
Summer Summer Sq'irk Juice 65 2

Once you have enough sq'irks for the corresponding juice, use your pestle and mortar on the sq'irks while having an empty beer glass in your inventory. If you don't have an empty beer glass in your inventory, you can get some from the shelves in the house with the Apprentice.


Bring the finished Sq'irk juices to Osman to receive Thieving XP, or keep them for yourself.

Sq'irk Juice Thieving XP Awarded
Winter 350
Spring 1350
Autumn 2350
Summer 3000

When drunk, the juices give these stat bonuses:

Sq'irk Juice Thieving Stat Bonus Energy Stat Bonus
Winter +0 +5%
Spring +1 +10%
Autumn +2 +15%
Summer +3 +20%

Picking the sq'irks gives this amount of farming xp:

Sq'irk Juice Farming XP
Winter 30
Spring 40
Autumn 50
Summer 60

Picking the herbs from each garden gives you 50 Farming xp.

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