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Getting Started:

The Ranged Mini game is a simple mini game.

Requirements: 40 Ranged to be able to get in the Ranging Guild.

Location: South, South-West of Seers Village.

To start the mini game, simply talk to the Competition Judge. He is located in the east side of the Ranged Guild.

To play the ranged mini game, you must pay 200 gp.

The Judge

There are a few rules to the game. You are allowed 10 shots and for each shot, you get some points. The closer it is to the middle, the more points you get. After your 10 shots are up, you get 1 ticket for every 10 points. These tickets can then be exchanged at a store in the ranged guild for the following items.

Ticket exchange man

Ticket exchange screen

Item Value
Barb Bolt tips 140 Tickets (For 30)
Studded Body 150 Tickets
Rune Arrows 2,000 Tickets (For 50)
Coif 100 Tickets
Green Dragonhide Body 2,400 Tickets
Adamant Javelin 2,000 Tickets (For 20)

The following stores are located just beside the ticket merchant and the items in the following shops cost money and not tickets.

Guild store

Guild store stock

Item Value
Leather Body 27 gp
Hardleather Body 221 gp
Studded Body 1105 gp
Leather Chaps 26 gp
Studded Chaps 975 gp
Coif 260 gp
Leather Cowl 31 gp
Leather Vambraces 23 gp

Dargaud's shop

Item Value
Arrow Shaft 3 gp
Bronze Arrowtips 1 gp
Iron Arrowtips 7 gp
Steel Arrowtips 8 gp
Mithril Arrowtips 22 gp
Adamant Arrowtips 99 gp
Rune Arrowtips 200 gp
Bronze Arrows 1 gp
Iron Arrows 3 gp
Steel Arrows 45 gp
Mithril Arrows 103 gp
Adamant Arrows 266 gp
Rune Arrows 960 gp
Bronze Brutal 5 gp
Iron Brutal 10 gp
Steel Brutal 20 gp
Black Brutal 35 gp
Mithril Brutal 50 gp
Adamant Brutal 95 gp
Rune Brutal 450 gp
Shortbow 50 gp
Longbow 80 gp
Oak Shortbow 100 gp
Oak Longbow 160 gp
Willow Shortbow 200 gp
Willow Longbow 320 gp
Comp Ogre Bow 180 gp

(Prices May Vary)

After you have paid 200 gp, the judge gives you 10 bronze arrows. You should use these 10 arrows in the mini game. To shoot at the targets, simply left click the target. Then after you have shot an arrow, it shows you whether you hit the black, blue, red, yellow or you got a bulls-eye. Wield the arrows and shoot.

Viewing the target

Left: How many Shots Remain.
Center: Where you hit on the board.
Right: Your Score.

Colour Points Range Exp
Black 10 5
Blue 20 10
Red 30 15
Yellow 50 25
Bulls-eye 100 50

After you have finished all your 10 shots, you talk to the judge again and he gives you archery tickets.

For every 10 points, you'll get 1 ticket. Thats a max of 100 tickets a game. Also every 2 points will get you 1 exp so you can get to a max of 500 exp a game.


  • One way to make it go faster is to position the "Close Window" right on the target you are shooting at, all you have to do is double click.
  • Another trick is right after you click the target, click it again right before your first arrow hits.
  • Bring large amounts of money if you know you're going to stay there for a while.
  • The best deal for your tickets is Rune Arrows, as 50 rune arrows are worth around 20k. None of the other prizes are worth anything near 10k.

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