Skill Levels Required:
30 Mining.
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
Pickaxe and a Hammer.
Skill Levels Recommended:
72 Mining for full access, and 54 Agility.
Items Recommended:
Starting Point:
Southeast corner of the Dwarven Mines.
Is this MiniGame Safe to play?:
Getting Started:

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The Motherlode Mine is located in the Dwarven Mines. Just south of the staircase after entering the mines.

Mine Cave


Players can mine Pay-dirt from the ore veins on the walls of the mine for 60 experience each, with a maximum of 24 being mined from a single vein.

A closer area for mining requires 72 Mining. This area is just north of the bank chest(in the center of the mine). There is also a tunnel next to the ladder that requires 54 Agility to trespass.

You can mine various rockfalls for 10 exp. These rockfalls can fall on you for 1 damage, so be wary of where you stand!


Cleaning the Pay-dirt will give you ores based upon your mining level, the amount of ores is random each time. The lower your level, the more coal/gold ores you'll obtain.

Ore Image Level Xp
Coal Coal 30 0
Golden nugget Golden nugget 30 0
Gold ore Gold ore 40 15
Mithril ore Mithril ore 55 30
Adamantite ore Adamantite ore 70 45
Runite ore Runite ore 85 75

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After obtaining a good amount of Golden nuggets, now is the time to spend it all! Below is a list of items that can be purchased with the Golden nuggets.

Item Image Cost Use
Prospector helmet Prospector helmet 40 Golden nuggets Provides a 0.4% Mining experience bonus when worn.
Prospector jacket Prospector jacket 60 Golden nuggets Provides a 0.8% Mining experience bonus when worn.
Prospector legs Prospector legs 50 Golden nuggets Provides a 0.6% Mining experience bonus when worn.
Prospector boots Prospector boots 30 Golden nuggets Provides a 0.2% Mining experience bonus when worn.
Soft clay pack Soft clay pack 10 Golden nuggets Contains 100 pieces of Soft clay.
Coal bag Coal bag 100 Golden nuggets Stores up to 27 pieces of Coal.
Gem bag Gem bag 100 Golden nuggets Stores up to 300 uncut gems (60 Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Diamond, and Dragonstone).
Bag full of gems 40 Golden nuggets Gives 40 assorted uncut gems.

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