Skill Levels Required:
Hunter Level 17 to catch lowest form of Implings
Quests Required:
Finished Lost City
Items Needed:
May be useful to bring some extra implying jars incase you run out while catching imps. All items need to catch imps are supplied by Elnock Inquisitor
Skill Levels Recommended:
High strength to push through wheat, high thieving level to prevent defender imps from freeing your catch.
Starting Point:
Head to Zanaris and walk to the Wheat field. Then, enter the Portal.
(You can also access Puro-Puro by finding a crop circle in an empty Wheat field in Runescape. However, these crop circles are not permanent and switch around after a short time).
Is this MiniGame Safe to play?:
Getting Started:

Table of Contents

Where to Start
Imp Catching
Making Impling Jars

Where to Start: You will now be in Puro-Puro.

Talk to Elnock Inquisitor to get your equipment. Ask him if he has any spare equipment you can borrow.

He will supply you with:
- Butterfly net (Butterfly net)
- 6 Impling jars (Impling jar)
- Impling scroll (Impling scroll)
The Impling scroll will show you how many implings you currently have in your inventory.

Elnock Inquisitor

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Imp Catching

Now its time to start Catching Imps. Start by heading out into the maze by pushing through the Wheat.


Once you find an impling, catch it by clicking on it.


It's possible that when you try to loot an impling that you will break a jar. If this happens, your character will just get rid of the broken peices. You can also catch implings in the normal runescape world. This gives extra experience for catching the impling (From two to ten experience, depending on the type of impling.


Now you have two choices, either loot your caught imps or take them back to Elnock to trade for different items.
Looting will give you a random item. (The Higher level required to catch the imp, the better the item).

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These can be binded, snared, or entangled so they won't move.

Impling Creatures
Creature Name Creature Image (In jar) Hunter Level Required Hunter Reward (Looting) XP in mini-game XP in world
Baby impling Baby impling 17 Anchovies, Bow string, Cheese, Chisel, Flax, Hammer, Hard leather, Knife, Mud pie, Needle, Sapphire, Seaweed, Soft clay, Spice, Thread (1) 18 20
Young impling Young impling 22 Bow string, Chocolate slice, Coal, Lockpick, Meat pizza, Pure essence, Steel axe (hatchet), Steel full helm, Steel nails (5), Tuna, Yew shortbow 20 22
Gourmet impling Gourmet impling 28 Bass, Chef's delight, Chocolate cake, Curry, Curry leaf, Frogspawn, Garden pie, Karambwan paste (fully cooked), Meat pie, Meat pizza, Shark, Shark (2) (Noted), Spice, Tuna, Wild pie 22 24
Earth impling Earth impling 36 Bucket of sand (4) (Noted), Compost (6) (Noted), Earth rune (32), Earth talisman, Earth tiara, Fire talisman, Gold ore, Mithril ore, Ruby, Unicorn horn, Super compost (2) 25 27
Essence impling Essence impling 42 Air rune (30-60), Body rune (28), Blood rune (7), Chaos rune (4), Cosmic rune (4), Fire rune (50), Lava rune (4), Law rune (13), Mind rune (25), Mind talisman, Mud rune (4), Nature rune (13), Pure essence (20) (Noted), Water rune (30) 27 29
Eclectic impling Eclectic impling 50 Adamant kiteshield, Adamantite ore (10) (Noted), Air rune (30-55), Battlestaff, Candle lantern, Curry leaf, Gold bar (1-6) (Noted), Gold ore, Mithril pickaxe, Oak plank (1-5) (Noted), Red spiky vambs, Rune dagger, Smoke rune (4), Snape grass, Unicorn horn, Watermelon seed (3) 30 32
Nature impling Nature impling 58 Avantoe seed, Belladonna seed, Cactus spine, Clean irit, Clean snapdragon, Clean tarromin (4) (Noted), Clean torstol (2) (Noted), Coconut, Curry tree seed, Dwarf weed seed, Harralander seed, Irit seed, Jangerberry seed, Kwuarm seed, Limpwurt seed, Magic logs, Orange tree seed, Ranarr seed, Snapdragon seed, Torstol seed 34 36
Magpie impling Magpie impling 65 Amulet of power (3), Black dragonhide (6) (Noted), Diamond (4) (Noted), Dragon dagger, Loop half of a key, Mystic boots (blue), Mystic gloves (blue/white), Nature tiara, Pineapple tree seed, Ring of life (3), Rune sq shield, Rune warhammer, Runite bar (2) (Noted), Sinister key, Snapdragon seed, Teeth half of a key 44 54
Ninja impling Ninja impling 74 Dagannoth hide (3) (Noted), Dragon dagger, Dragon dagger (p), Harralander seed, Onyx bolt tips (4), Onyx bolts (2), Opal machete, Prayer potion (4, 3 doses) (Noted), Ranarr seed, Rune arrow (70), Rune chainbody, Rune claws, Rune dart (70), Rune knife (40), Rune scimitar, Rune sq shield, Rune thrownaxe (50), Snakeskin boots, Snapdragon seed, Splitbark helm, Torstol seed, Weapon poison (+) (4) (Noted) 50 60
Dragon impling Dragon impling 83 Amulet of glory (4), Babydragon bones, Death talisman, Death tiara, Dragon arrowheads (178), Dragon bones, Dragon dagger (p++), Dragon dart tips (158), Dragon longsword, Dragonstone (3) (Noted), Dragonstone bolt tips, Mystic robe bottom (blue/white), Snapdragon seed (6) 65 75

If you choose to trade, go back to Elnock and trade him. (Right click and Trade). This screen will come up.

Trading Screen

You can trade your caught imps for items shown on the right.

They are:

3 Baby Implings, 2 Young Implings, and 1 Gourmet Impling will trade for a vial of Imp Repellent.
Impling repellant

3 Gourmet Implings, 2 Earth Implings, and 1 Essence Impling will trade for a Magic Butterfly Net.
Magic net

3 Essence Implings, 2 Eclectic Implings, and 1 Nature Impling will trade for a Jar Generator.
Jar generator

Also, 1 Impling of any kind will trade for 3 Impling Jars.

Magic butterfly nets increase your chances of successfully netting implings and butterflies.

Imp repellent reduces the chances of imp defenders rescuing captured implings from your inventory.

The Jar generator will create Butterfly or Impling Jars. Just right click and choose the jar you want. However, each Generator has a limited amount of charges. When it runs out, it will dissapear and you will have to get a new one from Enlock.

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Making Impling Jars

Even though Elnock supplies Impling Jars, you might run out of them. Heres how to make them.

Items Required per jar:
1 butterfly jar
1 vial
8 anchovies (cooked)
1 pestle and morter
1 sieve
1 flower (rosemary, marigolds, or nasturtiums)

Fastest Method (14 at a time):

  1. Speak to the Chemist in Rimmington (big house directly south of Melzar's Maze) and ask about impling jars and then ask if he has a spare sieve. You will need this to make the jars.
  2. Go to a bank (Fally using shortcuts or Draynor).
  3. Use 8 anchovies with a pestle and morter to make anchovie paste (stackable).
  4. Put the pestle and morter back and withdraw 14 empty vials and the sieve.
  5. Use the 112 anchovie paste with the sieve. You will have 14 vials of anchovie oil.
  6. Put the sieve back (and paste if you took out more than 112) and withdraw 14 flowers (rosemary, marigolds, or nasturtiums).
  7. Use the flowers with the vials and you will have 14 Imp Repellant vials.
  8. Withdraw 14 butterfly jars and go back to the chemist (you should have 14 butterfly jars and 14 imp repellent vials).
  9. Inside the house in the NE corner is a "lamp oil still" on a table. Use a "Imp Repellant" vial on it, than a butterfly jar. Repeat 14.

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In the end this Mini-Game can be very rewarding and fun. I hope you found this guide helpful and enjoy your time playing Impetuous Impulses.

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