Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
Skill Levels Recommended:
Good combat stats are recommended if you want to be successful.
Items Recommended:
Armour, a Weapon, Food, and stat-boosting potions.
Starting Point:
Duel Arena northeast of Al Kharid.
Is this MiniGame Safe to play?:
Getting Started:

Table of Contents:

How to get there
The Hospital
The Arenas
The Fight
Victory or Lost
Misc. Rules
Tips and Tricks

How to get there:

Walk north-east from Al-Kharid or from the Gnome glider, or you could always teleport there using one of your charges off your Ring of Dueling.

Duel Arena Map


You will be greeted by Mubariz, who can provide you with lots of useful information. He will tell you how to duel someone, and answer questions such as, "How old is this place". He is also a Speak-To person in treasure trails. A little south-east of him is a Scoreboard. Be sure to check out who the top players are and watch out for them!


The Hospital:

The hospital, or lounge is usually the place where people go to ask others for a challenge. There are nurses surrounding the hospital, and they will heal you for free! There is also an Altar of Saradomin, so you will be able to recharge your prayer points. A little to the right of the hospital is Fadli, he sells Rotten Tomatoes at 1gp each, you can throw these tomatoes at players who are currently dueling, while standing on top of an isle. Throwing Tomatoes has no effect on dueling whatsoever. Fadli also Banks your items!


Once you have become familiar to dueling, and think you are ready to stake or fun, then start Dueling! You must be in an area that has crossed battleaxe symbol in order to duel. Right click on an opponent and select the, "Duel" option. You may have to wait for the other player to accept your duel. Once your opponent has accepted, a screen shall appear with what rules you want to imply and what stakes you would like to make. Be sure to check all the rules you agree to on the Duel confirmation screen! When you use arrows while dueling, you will get some of them back. If you use runes while dueling, you do not get them back. Same goes for potions.

Here is an example of what the duel screen looks like:

Duel Screen

Players are given information about their opponent such as combat level as well as their combat stats.

Duel Stakes:

Duel Screen

As shown in the above image, players can choose the amount they would like to stake for the upcoming duel.

The Arenas:

There are 6 arenas with two differences. 3 arenas are flat, and the other 3 are obstacles. The flat arena can be accessed by not clicking on the "Obstacles" button on the rules screen. To access the Obstacle arenas, click on the "Obstacles" button on the rules screen.

Arena Map

The Fight:

The fight depends on your tactics and the rules you implied and the strategies you set. You may forfeit a match by going through the trapdoor at the east side and the west side of all arenas. If you forfeit, you lose your stake but your name will not be recorded on the Scoreboard. If you selected the "No Forfeit" option on the rules page, you are not able to escape. You may also not teleport when fighting an individual. Rings of Life do not work as well.

Victory or Lost:

If you have won your fight, congratulations! Quickly claim your prize and show it off (if you staked anything)!

Example of a Victory Screen

If you lost the fight, you lose the items you staked! So be careful who you stake and a good tip is to look the person up on the RuneScape hiscores before dueling them.

Misc. Rules:

  • Fun Weapons: Fun weapons are weapons such as the Rubber Chicken or flowers. If you selected this rule, you are only allowed to use these weapons.
  • No Sp. Atk: Short for, No Special Attack. Basically you are forbidden to use special attacks during a duel if selected.
  • No Movement: Usually, when you start a duel, you will be separated in the arena, if this is selected, you will be stuck in one position along with the opponent stuck beside you, until one of you has fallen.

Tips and Tricks:

  • When prayer staking, it's a good idea to use full Veracs as it breaks through protection prayers.
  • A good strategy is to have full Dharoks, an Abyssal Whip and a Dragon Square Shield. Firstly, use your Dharok armor with the whip and dragon square shield, if you are loosing, quickly equip your Greataxe as it hits hard when you are low in health.
  • Check the Duel Confirmation Screen!
  • Check the Duel Scoreboard to see who are the current champions.
  • It is a good idea to look up the player you are versing on the RuneScape hiscores.
  • When staking with the "No Food" rule off, it's a great idea to use the best food you got. Sharks, Tuna and Sweetcorn Baked Potatoes, Manta Rays, Sea Turtles, Monkfish and other high level foods are excellent.


Head Nurse Tifany is located in the hospital, once you have reached a level of 99 in the Hitpoints skill, talk to her to buy the Hitpoint Skill cape for 99K. To the North of Duel Arena is the Mage Training Arena. Any Ice spell cast with Ancient Magicks can not be cast if you have the "No Movement" rule on. It will say, your opponent doesn't need to be held.

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