Skill Levels Required:
30 Agility
30 Crafting
30 Firemaking
60 Smithing to use the anvils
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
Hammer, Spade, Bucket, and money to unnote ores and use the furnace.
Skill Levels Recommended:
Items Recommended:
Starting Point:
The Blast Furnace World is World 358, East side of Keldagrim, down the stairs at the furnace icon.

Is this MiniGame Safe to play?:
Getting Started:

Table of Contents:

Blast Furnace Map:

Blast Furnace Map

Getting the Furnace Going:

To get the Blast Furnace going, there are several things you must do:


This part requires 30 Strength to operate, and pumps the superheated air between the stove and the furnace. It will also make the temperature gauge (see below) go up. When the Temperature Gauge watcher tells you to stop, STOP, or the furnace will overheat, and you will take 10-20 damage. You get 2 strength exp per half second you are using the pump.


Temperature Gauge

This temperature gauge is controlled by the pump, explained above. When the needle drops into the white zone, you need to tell the person to pump harder; when it raises into the red zone, you need to tell the person operating the pump to stop.

Temperature Gauge

Refuelling the Stove

To do this part, it's quite simple. All you need is a spade, 30 firemaking, and a fast click. There is a Spade spawn just beside the Refueling porthole, take it, and click the "Collect Coke" button on the coke holder. Then, click on the "Refuel Stove" button, and you're done, for now. You get 5 firemaking exp per time you refuel the stove.


The Pedals

The pedals are required to move the conveyor belt, which takes the ore into the furnace. You need 30 agility. You can only do the pedals for so long, because it drains your energy slowly down to nothing. You get 1 agility exp per second you are on the pedals.


Broken Pipes/Cogs

There are a lot of pipes around the area that break a lot. To fix these you need lvl 30 crafting, and a hammer. When you fix them, you get 50 crafting exp.

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Smelting The Ores:

First, you could either mine some ore from the mine a little ways away, or buy it, explained later in this section.

Next, you need to talk to the Blast Furnace Foreman, located in the southern part of the furnace "dungeon". He will say that he will let you use the furnace for free, but if you are lower than 60 smithing, you have to pay him 2500 coins for 10 minutes at the furnace.

Now, if you are buying, trade Ordan, and buy some ores.

Ore Shop

You may now head up the ramp, and use the ore on the conveyor.

Ramp to Conveyor

Now, head back down the ramp, and go over to the bar dispenser.

Bar Dispenser

Bar Removal

Note: You can use a bucket of water on the bar dispenser to cool the bars.

Note: When smelting bars in the Blast Furnace, you only need half the coal that you need for a regular furnace.

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Armour Store and Anvils:

Armor Store: There is also an armor store in the blast furnace area. Trade Jorzik to see what he has.

Armor Shop

Anvils: There are 3 anvils fenced in in the north west corner. Only people with level 60+ smithing are allowed in.


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Hints and Tips:

  • You use notes with the store to save on long bank runs.
  • You can store up to 210 coal in the furnace until you have to use it.
  • You can store up to 30 bars in the furnace until you have to take them out.
  • If your bars are still "molten", grab a bucket of water to use on it. Cools it down fast.
  • When using goldsmith gauntlets, you do NOT receive a bonus for smelting gold ores.
  • On the graphic of the bars you remove, in lower right corner is amount of coal you've put in the system. This is your own and saves even if you log off.
  • Smith and Hi-alchemy on site. Steel plate hi-alc's for 1200 gp, Mithril plate for 3620 gp.
  • Smith stackable items (knives, dart tips and arrow heads).
  • Bring 25 unnoted mith, addy or runite ores plus noted coal ores (50 for mith, 75 for addy, 100 for runite).

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EXP Values

  • 30 Agility required. 3xp gained per 1% energy used.
  • 30 Firemaking required. 5xp gained every time you refuel the furnace
  • 30 Crafting required. 50xp gained whenever you fix something.
  • You will still gain the normal xp from smelting the ores.

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Soloing The Blast Furnace:


The blast furnace has been out for quite awhile. It's labeled, like the Kalphite Queen, as a team effort. However, with appropriate skills and items, you can enjoy skilling there with no one around.

This guide covers spending extended amounts of time down at the Blast Furnace with little or no bank runs. It you intend to use your bank a lot, it's better just to use the normal blast furnace guide on a crowded world.

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Additional Useful Information About The Blast Furnace:

Ore Store:

The prices are easy to figure out. There's the full stock price (ex: Coal 67 gp) which increases as the stock goes down. The price doubles the full stock price when 50 are in stock (ex: Coal 135 gp) and then triples full price when stock is at 0 (ex: Coal 202).

If you end up buying an entire stock at the store (100 down to 0), you'll pay on average twice the full store price.

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Average Ore Prices:

  • Iron: 50 gp
  • Coal: 135 gp
  • Mithril: 470 gp

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Blast Furnace:

You only need 60 smithing to use the smelting portion of the blast furnace for free. You can operate the parts of it for free.

The bike moves any ore that's placed on the belt into smelter, it has two parts that can break. The Pump raises the temperature of smelter so long as nothing is broken and fuel is in the furnace. This is important later on if you wish to level skills only.

Those in high detail can hear when parts break and when the smelter smelts a full load of bars. This is great when you solo as you'll read later.

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Armor Store:

Useless for our purposes.

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Three anvils located in an area requiring 60 smithing. Very important for our purposes. Not necessary if you just want to level skills.

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Recommended and Required Skills:

To use for raising smithing:

  • 30 Strength - to pump the furnace
  • 30 Firemaking - to put coke in the furnace
  • 30 Agility - to run the bike/conveyor belt
  • 30 Crafting - to fix broken parts
  • 60 Smithing - use blast furnace for free and access the anvils
  • 68 Smithing - optional if you're doing Mithril Plates
  • 55 Magic - High Alchemy

To raise Strength and/or Agility

  • All above except smithing and magic.

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Recommended Items:

Wear - Boots of Lightness, Firestaff

Carry - 50k gp (more if you're doing Mith Plates or stackable items), hammer, natures (100 or more). That's 3 spots normally. The 3rd spot will be either natures or the stackable item (nails, arrowheads, knives). If you are doing stackable items, you have to bring cash to cover all the bars you intend to make and smith. That's 185 gp per steel bar, 600 gp per mith bar. If you're doing hi-alchemy, bring a nature rune for every 5 bars you intend to smith into plates.

I'll be describing these steps using steel as the bar with intention to alchemy the steel plate bodies. You can also do these steps for iron or mithril bars with minor change ups.

NOTE: Try to be alone in the room. More people means less ore.

(Mithril is done in parentheses)

  1. Buy 25 iron (mithril) ore and place on belt
  2. Buy 25 coal and place on belt (buy another 25 coal and place on belt).
    1. If store is out of coal or iron (or less than 65 Mithril), world hop, but make sure to place any ore on the belt into the furnace via the bike.
  3. Ride bike until ore goes into furnace, up to 75 ore on the belt so this is more efficient than biking 25 ore at a time.
  4. If part on conveyor breaks, repair and return to bike
  5. Grab shovel and place only 8 shovels of coke into furnace. You can place up to 30 but that's not necessary.
  6. Bring up skills screen on your side bar.
  7. Operate pump.
  8. Tricky part, put your mouse cursor over the strength icon to see your skill experience gain. If nothing breaks or is broken, then STR will increase. It takes about 90 STR xp (about 30 seconds) for the smelter to go into the green which you'll hear as a plop and can see if you angle the screen to view the dispenser. This is nice, as it means you do not need a temp gauge reader.
    1. If you hear a broken sound or see that STR is not going up, quickly repair pipes and return to pump
    2. If you had to repair pipes 3 times or more, add 8 more coke to furnace as fuel has been spent
    3. If STR is not going up, but pipes are not broken, you may have a broken part on the conveyor. Fix that.
  9. Grab bucket and fill with water
  10. Use bucket on molten bars in the dispenser.
  11. Drop bucket and shovel.
  12. Remove all bars (should be 25).
  13. Go to anvil area and smith 5 steel (mithril) plates or stackable item of choice.
  14. Hi-alchemy steel (mithril) plates, ignore if you're doing stackable items.
  15. Go to step 1 and repeat as desired.

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Why this works:

It cost on average 185 gp (620 gp) to make the steel (mithril) bars here. It takes 5 bars to make the plate body. So that's 925 gp (3100gp) to make steel (mithril) plates that alchemy for 1200 gp (3120 gp). How much you pay for Nature runes determines how much you actually pay or save. If you make stackable items, it's how much you sell those items that determines your overall profit.

In that time you've gotten 55 (80) smithing xp per steel (mithril) bar plus some minor skills in other areas. It takes about 1-2 minutes to do a full circuit of 25 bars (add a minute if you make arrowheads). That's 1375 xp (2000 xp) per circuit.

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Strength and Agility:

I reported this as a bug awhile back, but never heard anything. Considering the skill gains are minor, I doubt Jagex will care.

You get:

  • 100 agility xp per minute on the bike
  • 200 strength xp per minute on the pump

Problem is, if conveyor breaks, you can't get agility, and if pipes break, you can't get strength. Plus, the pump tends to overheat and damage you.

Now the nifty part: If the conveyor stays broken you still get strength xp, the furnace never heats up, and pipes never break. If a pipe stays broken, you still get agility xp, and conveyor never breaks.

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To Gain Agility:

  1. Have LOTS of energy potions
  2. Operate pump until a pipe breaks (make sure conveyor is not broken)
  3. Ride bike until your energy drops to zero
  4. Refresh energy with energy potions
  5. Go to step 3

So long as no one repairs the pipe on the furnace, the conveyor never breaks and you're getting 100 xp per minute at the cost of energy potions. I believe 100% energy should last about 2-3 minutes.

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To Gain Strength:

  1. Operate bike until conveyor breaks (make sure pipes are not broken)
  2. Put 30 shovels of coke in the furnace.
  3. Operate pump.
  4. After 5 minutes, furnace runs out of fuel. Go to step 2.

So long as no one repairs the conveyor, then the pipes never break and you're getting 200 xp per minute in strength.

NOTE - This may be a bug. Considering the xp is so low and you MUST be at a empty blast furnace, it does not offer that big a benefit. I offer the advice for completeness' sake.

Plus, it's forbidden by Jagex rules to weigh down the arrow key to prevent log out due to inactivity.

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