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Introduction: Welcome to the wonderful world of Barbarian Training. They, as an ancient race of RuneScape, have devised their own methods of skill training, that can be considered far better than our own. Whether you barely have the requirements needed, or are just tipping in to the level 90s of skills, there is some useful information for you to learn here.

Requirements: To start you need at least 21 firemaking, Level 48 Fishing and level 15 Strength and Agility, or Level 55 Fishing and level 35 Strength. Higher level skills will of course, be an advantage.

Table of Contents:

- Basic Training
- - Harpooning Skills
- - Fishing Rod Skills
- - Firemaking Skills
- - Finishing Basic Training
- Intermediate Training
- - Spear Training
- - Herblore Training
- Advanced Training
- - One-Handed Spear Training
- - Firemaking/Prayer Training
- Rewards

To actually begin your brutal training, you will need to talk to Otto Godblessed who is located on the western side of Baxtorian Falls.


Basic Training

After talking to Otto Godblessed he will tell you that he can teach you advanced firemaking, fishing rod, and spearing techniques, but first you will need to learn the basic skills. Choose one of the options that you are given:

  • Please, supply me with details of your cunning with harpoons. (Requires Level 55 Fishing and 35 Strength)

  • Are there any ways to use a fishing rod which I might learn? (Requires Level 48 Fishing, and 15 Strength and Agility)

  • My mind is ready for your Firemaking wisdom, please instruct me. (Requires 21 Firemaking)

Once you make a decision, you will receive a book from Otto, Barbarian Skills, it contains information on tasks he has set to you and how you are to train this skill.

Harpooning Skills
Items Needed: None

Otto has explained to you how to catch fish without a harpoon, for a review check the Barbarian Skills book he has provided you with. You will need to go to a harpoon fishing spot (nearest is Fishing guild if you have access). When you arrive at one, stuff your arm into the water (choose to harpoon, without a harpoon in inventory) and after you successfully catch one you will be more trained in the Barbarian ways. Proceed back to Otto and talk with him to learn more of the Barbarian skill training ways.

Fishing Rod Skills
Items Needed: Fishing bait

You should now know from Otto that Barbarians do not use the small fishing rods that we normally use, but instead larger Barbarian Rods. They also only fish at the lake. Proceed to his bed and search it to receive one of these Barbarian Rods. Now if you have brought some fishing bait proceed to a fishing spot and cast out, else go and get some fishing bait than come back and cast your rod out at the lake. Once you have caught one fish, a leaping trout, proceed back to Otto so you can further your training of the Barbarian ways.

Firemaking Skills
Items Needed: Woodcutting axe, Bow of any kind

Otto will explain to you the Barbarian way of lighting a fire. He will tell you to cut a certain log, the log that you will need should be somewhere around the lake. When you have your log and any kind of bow, use them on each other and a fire will be started. Proceed back to Otto so you are able to further training.

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Intermediate Training

As you finish your Basic Training skills, a new option will arise for you. They are:

  • Tell me more about the use of spears. (Level 5 Smithing, Tai Bwo Wannai Trio Completed)

  • What was the secret knowledge of Herblore we talked of? (Level 4 Herblore)

You have two options here, as with the previous section you can click either of these and they will take you to the part of the guide which explains how to complete them.

Spear Training
Items Needed: Hammer, Any metal bar, Log matching your bar (See table below)

To further your spear training you will need to create your own spear. To do this you will need one bar of any metal that you can smith and the respective log to go with it, see below to find which log you need and smithing level required.

Metal Log Smithing Level
Bronze Normal 5
Iron Oak 20
Steel Willow 35
Mithril Maple 55
Adamant Yew 75
Rune Magic 90

Once you have the metal and log that is needed with it, go back to the Barbarian anvil with a hammer so you can smith your spear (normal anvils are not strong enough for this). After you have created a spear talk with Otto and he will be ready to reveal the secret of one-handed spears! The one-handed spear will be covered later on in the guide.

Herblore Training
Items Needed: Attack potion (2), Knife, Extra Fishing bait could be helpful

Otto explains to you the Barbarians potions, which will both heal you, and still give some of the original effects of the potion. You will need to make him a lesser attack potion mix. To do this you will need a fish from the lake, and then gut it with your knife. Don't worry if you don't retrieve anything from the fish, just catch another one and try again, eventually you will get either caviar or roe. Both of these are suitable for the potion. Use whichever you have on the 2-dose attack potion to make an attack mix. Bring your potion back to Otto and he will be eternally grateful.

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Advanced Training

  • What of the one-handed spears of which you spoke?

  • I have completed Firemaking with a bow. What follows this?

One-Handed Spear Training
Items Needed: Hammer, Any metal bar, Log matching your bar (See table below)

These are made the same way as the spear, take a metal bar and the log that matches it, see below to find what log is needed.

Metal Log Smithing Level
Bronze Normal 5
Iron Oak 20
Steel Willow 35
Mithril Maple 55
Adamant Yew 75
Rune Magic 90

Now that you have the correct items, use it on the anvil south of Otto's house and choose to make a Hasta. Once that is done, proceed back to Otto.

Firemaking/Prayer Training
Items Needed: Axe, Knife, Tinderbox, Food, Weapons, Armor, and a teleport are strongly recommended

You will learn of an ancient cavern below a whirlpool that many Barbarian Warriors have perished in. For your final task you need to retrieve one of their bones, called 'chew bones', and sacrifice them on a pyre location around the lake. You will first want to have armor, an Anti-dragonfire shield or Dragonfire shield, a strong weapon, and food. Gear that boosts your prayer is strongly recommended as you will want to pray on the monsters. Head to the north dock on the lake and click to enter the whirlpool. Your character will do a cannon ball into the whirlpool.


Now that you are in here you have a couple options to get the chewed bones. You can search skeletons around the cavern in hopes of looting their bones, kill the Green Brutal Dragons, or go to the second level and attempt to get them from the Mithril Dragons. The chewed bones are not a common drop so don't expect them right away, it will take a while to finally get them. When you have finally gotten the chewed bones teleport out if you brought one, or find the floating log which you can hop on to leave the cavern.

You will now need to sacrifice the bones. To do this have a Knife, any type of log, a Tinderbox, and of course chewed bones. Now go to any of the pyre sites around the lake and click Construct pyre site. It will automatically build a pyre and burn it for you. As a reward you will get an item, possibly even a Dragon full helm. Also depending on which type of log you used, you could get a 300% bonus on the next type of bone you bury, up to five times.

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Once you have completed your training you will have many new options to explore with. You can now harpoon fish without a harpoon, light a fire with a bow, obtain new fishes which allow you to make new potions, and make potions mixed with Caviar or Roe that raise your hp a slight amount while still keeping the normal effects. Other options that are available now include making your own spears/hasta's, and sacrificing Barbarian bones on a pyre to give you a 300% bonus on the next five bones that you bury. Lastly you will retain access to the cavern under the lake, which includes the Mithril Dragons, Green Brutal Dragons, Barbarian Warriors, Waterfiends, Spirits, and Skeletons.

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