Cave north of Falador.
Max Hit:
Examine Information:
A monsterous entity that is one with the earth.
100% Drop:
Rare Drop Table:
Additional drops can be obtained from the Rare Drop Table.
All Possible Loot:
Vorago is one of the most powerful and dangerous monsters in RuneScape. Before the fight begins, you must survive a hit of 50,000 which can be spread across a group of players. The battle with Vorago is divided into five phases, with Vorago using increasingly powerful attacks during each phase. The attacks Vorago uses change every Wednesday.

At the end of phase 1, 2 and 4, Vorago will drop a piece of the Maul of omens. This is the only weapon capable of killing him and once assembled, it must be used to deal the final blow at the end of phase 5.

Once killed, Vorago has a chance to drop level 90 Magic weaponry (Seismic) and materials used to make Tectonic robes.

The chance of receiving better drops is increased by the Luck of the dwarves.

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