Near the North West coast of Anachronia.
Max Hit:
Examine Information:
A gloopy venom oozes from its hands and scales.
100% Drop:
Rare Drop Table:
Additional drops can be obtained from the Rare Drop Table.
All Possible Loot:
Highlighted Drops
Name Amount
Sealed clue scroll (elite) Sealed clue scroll (elite) 1
Venomous dinosaurs require 105 Slayer to injure.

After 6 auto-attacks, a Venomous dinosaur will use its Special attack - shockingly, it will poison you. This effect will last until the monster is killed or the effect is cleared by using Freedom. Note that, similar to Wyverns, you will be poisoned through auras, incense, and perks.

Use of binding abilities, Weapon poison, and Dreadnips will help make these monsters easier to kill. Attacking the ones at the far West of the group is advised, since it is possible to safe spot at the top or bottom of the U-shaped path. See below for locations, click image for in-game view.

Venomous thumbnail Venomous thumbnail

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