Max Hit:
Examine Information:
Crassian likely? A worthy defender, impeding advancement.
100% Drop:
All Possible Loot:
This is the first boss located in the Temple of Aminishi elite dungeon. It is located at the end of the second area.

Special attack rotation:

Water blast:
  • Starting facing north The Sanctum Guardian shoots a water blast around counterclockwise
  • Typeless damage
  • Blocked by resonance/barricade
  • Hits over 6k
  • Can be dodged by standing to the east and then moving west

Purple fire bomb:
  • One person gets a blue bar above their head that quickly drains. Once it drains completely a small square area of purple fire forms around that location
  • Follows shortly after water blast special
  • Damage starts low but builds over time (to 4k+/hit, typeless)
  • Drop bombs on side/edges of arena to avoid walking into the fire bombs
  • Bombs last the duration of the fight

  • The Sanctum Guardian dips down a little then splashes out
  • Does melee damage
  • Can be healed off of with resonance or negated with devotion or barricade
  • Splash attack occurs right before the purple fire bomb timer depletes

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