Inside the cave in the southeast corner of the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon.
Max Hit:
Examine Information:
A very dangerous pile of animated wyvern bones.
100% Drop:
All Possible Loot:
Highlighted Drops
Name Amount
Gold charm Gold charm 2
Green charm Green charm 2
Crimson charm Crimson charm 2
Blue charm Blue charm 2
Sealed clue scroll (hard) Sealed clue scroll (hard) 1
*Only dropped once for the Rag and Bone Man wish list.

72 Slayer is required to kill these monsters.

Skeletal wyverns are potentially very dangerous to an unprepared player, but with the right approach, they can be killed quite easily. Firstly, in addition to their standard Melee and Ranged attacks, they will occasionally use an Ice Breath attack which is similar to dragonfire with the addition that it will freeze you in place and temporarily stun you. To prevent this attack from hitting up to 2,000, you will require an Elemental shield (Chaos, Mind, Body) or Dragonfire shield in order to reduce the damage to a maximum of 200. Note that wielding an Anti-dragon shield or using Super antifire potions will not work as the attack is NOT counted as dragonfire.

If you'd prefer to use a two-handed weapon such as a staff, then it is still possible to kill wyverns without a shield due to the fact that the range of their Ice Breath is limited to 3 squares. Therefore, you can simply attack and safely kill them from a distance with Protect From Ranged switched on without having to worry about both their Ice Breath and Melee attack. Additionally, the use of Protect From Magic also has the same effect as the shields and can allow you to use a two-handed weapon or dual-wield.

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