Near the limestone mine, east of Varrock.
Max Hit:
Examine Information:
I can't believe the Odd Old Man was carrying that on his back!
I cut its arm off!
I cut its other arm off!
I cut its tail off!
It doesn't look happy.
100% Drop:
Clue scroll (elite)
All Possible Loot:
To fight this monster, you must have completed the Odd Old Man's wishlist after the Fur 'n' Seek quest. This monster attacks with both melee and magic. It is advised to use melee or range equipment against this monster. Its combat level decreases as you fight it. While fighting it, it can regenerate some of itself. If you do not bury the bones, they will reattach to the monster and heal its health. This monster can be fought once a week to gain 1,250 Slayer experience and 1,000 Prayer experience.

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