Max Hit:
Examine Information:
It's a ruby harvest butterfly.
100% Drop:
All Possible Loot:
Ruby harvest are caught via Butterfly net trapping at level 15 Hunter (Exp: 24). At level 80 Hunter and 75 Agility, it is possible to catch these butterflies without a Butterfly net (Exp: 276 and 50 respectively).

You will need 1 Butterfly jar for each Ruby harvest (In jar) you wish to obtain.

It is possible to have the Enhanced yaktwee stick equipped to catch Ruby harvests barehanded, as long as it is sheathed. To sheath it, Right-click the action bar's minimize button and toggle the "Sheathe/Unsheathe" option.

In addition to using a regular Butterfly net, a Sacred clay butterfly net, Volatile clay butterfly net, or a Magic butterfly net can also be used.

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