10th wave of the Barbarian Assault
Max Hit:
Examine Information:
Run away! Run away!
100% Drop:
Insignia recharge
All Possible Loot:
He cant be killed by any normal methods, but can be by use of a special weapon. The king himself hits 25% as well, increasing to 33% in his second stage, and finally 55% in the last stage.

The king will vomit from items such as hides, metal scaps, and rusty buckets. The king will vomit after eating enough poisoned meat when it says he's hungry. Poisonous food is found on the west. An anvil for metal scraps and vents to dry hides are located to the east while pools of acid accompany the buckets, which could then be scooped up in the buckets. When 5 of each item is collected they are to be deposited in the west. Then flamethrowers are distributed throughout the team.

This Data was submitted by: DRAVAN.

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