Max Hit:
Examine Information:
Her pure power has increased, energy can be seen radiating through her hands.
100% Drop:
All Possible Loot:

Primary Drops (Top 7 players: 2 players who took the most damage and 5 players with highest damage dealt.):

Ascendri bolts (e) (60-75) Blood tentacle Crystal key (14-16) Crystal triskelion
Dragon longsword (10-14 Noted) Grimy cadantine (83-119 Noted) Grimy snapdragon (105-150 Noted) Imperium core
Incandescent energy (2,934-3,182) Intricate blood stained chest Intricate ice chest Intricate shadow chest
Intricate smoke-shrouded chest Luminous energy (3,152) Magic logs (766-1,249 Noted) Onyx bolt tips (73-89)
Praesul codex Rune 2h crossbow (20-69 Noted) Rune bar (41-50 Noted) Rune plateskirt (13-17 Noted)
Rune warhammer (25-34 Noted) Sirenic scale (1-2) The Praesul * The Promised Gift *
Uncut dragonstone (40-50 Noted) Uncut onyx Wand of the praesul

Secondary drop table (additional 3 players after the first 5 with highest damage dealt get drops from this table):

Black dragonhide (18-37 Noted) Cavefish (35-60 Noted) Earth orb (25-40 Noted) Earth talisman (15-37 Noted)
Luminous energy (500-800) Mahogany plank (43 Noted) Rocktail (23-55 Noted) Rune bar (9-16 Noted)
Rune claws (6-11 Noted) Saradomin brew (3) (6-16 Noted) Sirenic scale Super restore (3) (14-23 Noted)
Wine of Zamorak (3-20 Noted) Yew seed (3-5)
*The Praesul and The Promised Gift books are a guaranteed drop and both can be obtained by searching the teleport shard in the center of the room. These book drops are a requirement for the Master Quest Cape.

Nex: Angel of Death is best fought with 5-7 players. This guarantees that each player gets a drop for each kill, and some of the special attacks scale to the number of players in the instance. A total of up to 50 players can fight each instance.

A Frozen key and either 40 Zarosian monster kills or a set of Ancient ceremonial robes (boots, gloves, legs, mask, top) are required to enter.

The chance of receiving better drops is increased by the Luck of the dwarves.

For more details about the fight mechanics, please see our Nex: Angel of Death special report.

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