North West of the Anachronia Base Camp and the Arcane apoterrasaur Hunting area; Grown in the Fertile soil patch.
Max Hit:
Examine Information:
Its luminescent lights draw prey in.
100% Drop:
All Possible Loot:
Luminous snaggler require 95 Slayer to injure.

After 5 auto-attacks, a Luminous snaggler will use its Special attack - 3 green spores will be shot into the air, one on your tile and 2 near the Vile bloom. Over the next few seconds they will fall to the ground. When they land, a 5x5 area around each one will deal up to 2,300 poison damage (depending on proximity to spore center) and the Luminous snaggler will heal 1,296 for each spore that hits you. Despite the damage done appearing the same as poison damage, Antipoison++ and the Vemonblood Perk will not protect you.

If you have at least 70 Farming, it is possible to spawn your own Luminous snaggler by planting a Luminous snaggler seed in the Fertile soil patch North of the Overgrown idols on the Eastern side of Anachronia. Killing this Luminous snaggler will earn Farming experience, increased Slayer experience, and increase your chances of obtaining more vile seeds.

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