South of the Lava Maze in the Wilderness.
Max Hit:
Examine Information:
It's made of pure fire.
100% Drop:
Rare Drop Table:
Additional drops can be obtained from the Rare Drop Table.
Wilderness Rare Drop Table:
Additional drops can be obtained from the Wilderness Rare Drop Table.
All Possible Loot:
94 Slayer is required to kill Lava strykewyrms.

Unlike the other types of strykewyrm, Lava strykewrms do not need to be assigned as a Slayer task before you can investigate their mounds and kill them. They are the most powerful type of strykewyrm and use 3 main attacks, one for each combat style, and a special attack which are as follows:

  • Melee: The wyrm will lunge at and bite you, dealing Melee damage. This attack can be avoided by attacking it from a distance.
  • Ranged: The wyrm will launch balls of lava at the ground near you, which then bounce up and hit you if you don't move quickly to avoid them.
  • Magic: The wyrm will cast a powerful Fire spell which cannot be avoided.
  • Special Attack: The wyrm digs underground and drags you onto it before bursting out of the ground after several seconds. If you fail to move immediately after being dragged, this attack can hit over 4,000 and will both drain your Defence by 1 and turn off any active protection prayers/deflect curses while increasing the wyrm's combat stats.
It is recommended to use at least Royal d'hide equipment and a level 70 weapon when fighting these wyrms as while they are very powerful, you also run the risk of being attacked by another player and should only use items you are willing to lose. Furthermore, using Protect from/Deflect Ranged is recommended as they use this more frequently than their Magic attack and Ranged armor will provide some protection from this.

It is also important to note that there is a chance that you will instead spawn the much more powerful WildyWyrm when investigating a Lava strykewyrm mound and this will be broadcast to all players in a world as a large group is required to bring it down.

The chance of receiving better drops is increased by the Ring of fortune, Enhanced luck potion, Collector's insignia (charged), or Luck of the dwarves.

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