This Data was submitted by: Hurricane_da_superhero, Ponteaus, Rambo, draccon, kingsaiyan, flying pie, Papapete, trebbitx, AJRich, ilikepie2020, societal, sir_aggron, boyboy126, Poison, reddragon967, krosan4eva, jackman 004, warior989, Bearon25525, Gendao, tomcat11224, Im4eversmart, pokemama, Ik Wil Geen, indi1157, skidwell3, kingsatanic, dale69er, Runehq user, alcuin001, csxc, Raggs, sxilent x, supersheep21, Alfie0, Fivestar24, Carduel, blitz94navy, tws71, Elvinprins, lilmaculous, Bigtoughdude, rune2h354, nej 2006, Belgarion51, stellmach, dj thompson, Puredeath423, Killmouski, Jakesterwars, Andro_Girl, Idiotversion, barnicoot, theifsta4eva, lil freddy2, rateion, Special K 82, Kingreaper25, Paige96312, Wat555555555, Gonza211, Lacedonian, Skidude609, Squid81, Amithysia, Bladerman970, and hockeypro11.

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