Alice's Treasure Chamber; requires a Mimic Kill Token to enter.
Max Hit:
Examine Information:
Look out, it wants to eat you!
100% Drop:
Difficulty 100% Drop
Elite Huge loot crate
Hard Large loot crate
Medium Medium loot crate
Beginner Small loot crate
All Possible Loot:
The Mimic tongue cape and Mimic plushie are rare drops that drop along side the Huge loot crate or Large loot crate only.
Mimic Difficulty Mimic Combat Level Mimic Life points Recommended Combat Level Charge attack damage Coin launch attack damage Leap attack damage Normal max hit
Beginner 38 25,000 30 or above 1,500 2,400 not used 432
Medium 84 100,000 80 or above 3,000 4,800 5,400 864
Hard 104 130,000 110 or above 4,000 6,400 7,200 1,080
Elite 118 160,000 138 4,500 7,200 8,100 1,224

All levels there is a 2 minute 30 second timer to kill the Mimic

Charge attack the Mimic charges at the player in the direction of the green arrow. Elite level will not show announcement attack is coming.

During coin launch the Mimic shoots batches of coins at the player. Elite level will not show announcement attack is coming.

The leap attack the Mimic jumps in the air and lands at the spot you were standing. This attack is similar to the special attack of Ripper Demons. Leap is not used on beginner level and Elite level will not show announcement attack is coming.

For hard and elite modes the Mimic will spawn 2 mimics taht will heal the Giant Mimic, while the small mimics are alive any damage to the Giant Mimic will heal it instead of damage it. On hard mode they spawn at 65,000 LP and on elite mode at 106,666 and 53,333.

This Data was submitted by: DRAVAN, Ksb Single, and DarkPyroNinja

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