Sand dunes between Al Kharid and the Citharede Abbey, through the gate east of the palace.
Max Hit:
Examine Information:
I dread to think how many of these are in the sand.
100% Drop:
Rare Drop Table:
Additional drops can be obtained from the Rare Drop Table.
All Possible Loot:
77 Slayer required to kill. To spawn a Strykewyrm, investigate the mounds moving around the area and one will burst out of the ground. They do not attack instantly, which gives you time to get in a couple of hits before they fight back.

Strykewyrms occasionally dig underground and attempt to attack you from beneath, hitting between 500 and 2,000 if you don't move out of the way. To avoid this attack, simply step one space back from where you are standing.

You can only kill Strykewyrms when assigned a Slayer task, otherwise attempting to investigate the mounds will do nothing. Although they are found in a desert area, Waterskins are not needed when fighting them.

The chance of receiving better drops is increased by the Ring of wealth, Luck potion, Collector's insignia, Leprechaun hat or Luck of the dwarves.

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