Lighthouse dungeon.
Max Hit:
Examine Information:
A horror from the ocean depths...
100% Drop:

Casket containing damaged book

All Possible Loot:
If you can get to the corner near the water and cave wall you can stand and the Dagannoth Mother cannot reach you. Then you can turn on protect from missiles and take no damage. After that you can attack it with magic and range.

It uses a form of the prayers and changes colors to show what it is weak to:
Orange means you can melee.
Green means you can range.
Red means you can use fire spells.
Dark brown means you can use earth spells.
Blue means you can use water spells.
White means you can use air spells.

It also attacks with both range and melee attacks, the range attack is weak so always use protect from melee.

Switch between melee, range and magic as the monster switches colors.
Just keep your prayer up and keep an eye on your hit points.

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