In prison in the upper tier of Darkmeyer with many other prisoners.
Examine Information:
This citizen looks very ill.
100% Drop:
All Possible Loot:
This person was an inhabitant of Meiyerditch who failed to give enough blood to the vampyres in his last tithe.
During the The Branches of Darkmeyer quest, a player can kill these citizens and gain 2 status points for each. If the player chooses not to kill them, the Guard will ask you to get him some blood from the Darkmeyer blood trader. You will need to get him Darkmeyer notes (the local currency) from the Canifis settler in order to get the blood. Trade with the Darkmeyer Blood trader and get the blood types the guard requested and gain status points.

This Data was submitted by: QueenSteffie, and Mkankmike.

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