Ulthven Kreath
Max Hit:
Examine Information:
What has he become?
Pirate. Zombie. Kraken owner.
That which does not sleep, shall in eternal lie.
And with strange aeons even death may die.
100% Drop:
All Possible Loot:
In the arena you will notice several things:
  • A huge hole in the ground with a giant arm that will reach through and attempt to hit you. This happens occasionally and the amount of damage dealt depends on how far under the palm you are when it hits the ground. Note that it does have an area of attack so you can still be damaged if close to the landing location.
  • Insanity. As you enter the arena you will receive a warning suggesting you keep an eye on your sanity. Sanity is determined by the black cat icon in your debuff bar. If this number becomes elevated, you will experience hallucinations (with 1,000 health each) and your camera will begin to tilt.
  • Barrels of 'rum' around the pillars. These can be drunk to help keep your sanity in check. Each barrel of 'rum' will reduce the count by 2, but do not drink multiple in a row as this can kill you.
  • A pillar with a chain in each of the corners. One of these will need to be loosened after each time you "defeat" Rabid Jack.
In this fight you will need to defeat Rabid Jack a total of 4 times. Each time his health reaches 0 he will become invulnerable for a short time and fully heal to 35,000 life points. At this point in time you will need to loosen one of the chains surrounding the hole.

Rabid Jack will only use Melee and his special attack. This consists of him stunning you, dragging you toward him, then choking you mid-air for several seconds or until you break the attack by using Freedom or Anticipation. It is suggested to mainly use Anticipation to break the effects of his special as freedom may be necessary to avoid the hand if you are stunned just before it hits.

Reminders: Death here is not a safe one, you will see Death. Your grave stone can be found near the rowboat in Mos Le'Harmless which you will use to re-enter the fight.

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