Araxyte Hive, southeast of Port Phasmatys.
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I don't think a newspaper is going to cut it.
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Araxxor is a giant araxyte spider and the most challenging solo boss in the game, although it can be fought with one friend at the expense of greatly increasing the power of its attacks.

Araxxor can switch between all three combat styles and this is indicated by the color of the legs and spines (Red for Melee, Blue for Magic and Green for Ranged). It will use different attack for each style as well as a number of special attacks and these are:

  • Standard Melee Attack: Bites you with its fangs.
  • Standard Magic Attack: Fires a green ball of acid.
  • Standard Ranged Attack: Fires a grey ball of silk.
  • Melee Damage over Time (DoT): Hits you 5 times starting at 100 and rising to 2,000 if you don't move away from where you are stood.
  • Magic Damage over Time (DoT): Hits 5 times reduces your stats by 1-10 and drains run energy each time if you don't move away. If overloaded, then this may deal damage as well.
  • Ranged Damage over Time (DoT): Poisons you 5 times with damage starting at 200 and rising to 2,000 if you don't move.
  • Cocoon: Araxxor will summon a group of small spiders that will encase the you in a cocoon. You will then have break free while Araxxor spits silk at it to strengthen it and rapidly hit 175-200.
  • Swipe: Araxxor will bend its front legs and swipe at you, dealing massive damage if you're within melee range. If you're out of range, then you will be dragged towards Araxxor, but can simply run away before the swipe comes.
  • Cobweb Shield: Araxxor will cover itself in a cobweb for around 10-20 seconds and heal 5,000 lifepoints while reflecting back all damage dealt to it.
To fight Araxxor, you will need to first make your way to the bottom of the Araxyte Hive and click on the webbed entrance found there to either enter the public boss room, although only two players can access this per world, or set up an instance for 200,000gp that will last until you either defeat Araxxor or die. Note that if you do die, then you can access the Hive's graveyard by right-clicking the entrance to the hive.

Once you've entered the boss room or set up your instance, Phase 1 (out of a total of 3) of the fight will begin. You'll find yourself in a large chamber with three paths on the opposite side. One path will be blocked by a pile of rocks (the path blocked changes every 4 days) and the other two will be covered by large webs. To continue, you will have to set one of the webs alight and fight for 1 minute until it burns away.

Once done, it is important that you get Araxxor as close to 0 lifepoints (he'll regenerate back to 100,000 straight away) before entering the path and starting Phase 2 and likewise before leaving the path and starting Phase 3. If Araxxor's life points reaches 0 in phase 1 or 2, he will be healed for 5000 lifepoints. This is because at the start of Phase 3, Araxxor will be healed by the combined number of lifepoints he has left at the start of Phase 1 and 2. Each path has a different combat scenario and these are:

  • North Path: Araxxor will be aided by a number of spider minions and will start spawning sets of three eggs that you can stand on to have Araxxor destroy with a fireball to prevent more minions from spawning. It is vital that you kill the Mirrorback and Pulsing spiders as soon as possible as they will reflect all damage you deal to Arraxor back to you and rapidly heal him. However, this doesn't mean that you should ignore the Imbued, Spitting and Bladed spiders as if you don't kill them now, they will appear later on in the fight. Note that for every spider killed, Araxxor's rage metre will increase by 1% and likewise raises Araxxor's accuracy and damage by 1%.
  • East Path: On this path you must lure Araxxor into the pool in the middle and wait until it is covered in enough acid (50% on the metre) to lure it on to the platform on the other side and corrode through it. Although it might sound simple, you'll need to be careful as Araxxor will launch acid at you a number of times, dealing up to 1,500 damage with each hit. Note that if you choose this path, then you will have to deal with the spider minions from the north path in Phase 3.
  • South Path: This path actually involves no direct combat with Araxxor, but he will use two special abilities that you need to look out for and utilise to proceed. Firstly, Araxxor will charge at you and you'll need to dodge in the right direction to have him smash into the wall and remove 50% of it's health. Failure to dodge correctly will deal massive damage, but still deplete the wall by 25%. Secondly, the path will occasionally be plunged into complete darkness with a few beams of light scattered about. You'll need to move between these beams and stay out of the darkness to avoid being dealt constant rapid damage. Once the wall has been destroyed, you can continue.
As mentioned above, at the start of Phase 3, if you didn't get Araxxor down to 0 lifepoints before starting Phase 2 and 3, a group of spiders will drop down and heal him by the number of lifepoints he had left in each phase. Also, if you chose the east path then the spiders from the north path will now spawn and help Araxxor.

During Phase 3, Highly acidic spiders will occasionally spawn and you should lure Araxxor into it to raise the acidity metre. However, do note that each spider heals Araxxor by 5,000 and raises the rage metre by 20%, so be wary of your lifepoints. Furthermore, watch for when Araxxor fires a silk ball at you which will become a regular Acidic spider and follow you around. Watch the bar above the spider and make sure that it does not touch you when the bar is full as it will explode and kill you instantly.

At the end of Phase 3, a cutscene will play in which Araxxor runs away before surprisingly being killed by another spider. Phase 4 and the remainder of this fight then takes place against this new spider, Araxxi.

Each time you defeat both Araxxor and Araxxi, their power increases the next time you fight them, each and every time until it resets at 12:00am GMT.

The chance of receiving better drops is increased by the Luck of the dwarves.

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