Araxyte Hive, southeast of Port Phasmatys.
Max Hit:
Examine Information:
Believe it or not, she's still hungry.
100% Drop:
Araxyte arrow (70-90)
All Possible Loot:
Highlighted Drops
Name Amount
Gold charm Gold charm 11-20
Green charm Green charm 11-20
Crimson charm Crimson charm 11-20
Blue charm Blue charm 11-20
After Phase 3 of the Araxxor fight, Araxxi drops down from the ceiling and kills Araxxor. To finish the fight and claim your reward, you must kill her. She uses the same standard and special attacks as Araxxor, but she does not switch between Melee, Ranged and Magic attacks and instead uses all three styles at once.

Once you get Araxxi down to 50,000 lifepoints, she will begin to attack faster and deal more damage, but will no longer use special attacks. Once at 25,000 lifepoints, she will unleash a putrid acid wave which bounces around the chamber and hits rapid typeless damage in excess of 2,000 if it touches you. If you get hit once and walk away the acid wave will randomly bounce around a few more times before targeting you again.

Once dead, you can search Araxxi's body to claim your reward. This reward always consists of Araxyte arrows, two of the drops listed above and one type of charm. *Depending on how well the battle was fought, you will have a chance to receive a Araxxi spider pet named Dave, Pete, Steve, Gavin, Bill, or Lana. Gavin, Bill, and Lana can only be earned after receiving a Dave, Pete, or Steve Araxxi spider pet. Note: Gambling all of your loot at the end of the boss will double your chances of receiving a spider pet.

*In order to receive these pets, you must complete the following for each pet. For the mirrorback spider pet (Gavin), you have to use the mirrorback spiders that spawn to reflect damage to Araxxor for the final blow. For the pulsing spider pet (Lana), Araxxor needs to have been healed at least 160,000 life points, then defeating Araxxi. For the acidic spider (Bill); Araxxi needs to have absorbed 100% acidity, meaning that Araxxor can NOT absorb any acidic spiders.

The chance of receiving better drops is increased by the Luck of the dwarves.

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