In the Canifis Slayer Tower (upper floor, southwest room), Abyssal area (Fairy ring code A L R), and Kuradal's Dungeon.
Max Hit:
Examine Information:
A denizen of the Abyss!
100% Drop:
Rare Drop Table:
Additional drops can be obtained from the Rare Drop Table.
All Possible Loot:
*Abyssal Wand and Orb can only be obtained as a drop when on a Slayer assignment. Ferocious rings are only dropped in Kuradal's Dungeon.

85 Slayer is required to kill Abyssal demons. It may teleport you to a square next to it, or it may teleport itself next to you if you try to run away.

The chance of receiving better drops is increased by the Ring of fortune, Enhanced luck potion, Collector's insignia (charged), or Luck of the dwarves.

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