Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
325 Magic experience.
Starting Point:
Speak to Hetty in Rimmington.
  1. Talk to Hetty, and she tells you to find some ingredients for a potion to make you one with your darker side. You need four items: an Onion, a piece of Burnt meat, an Eye of newt, and a Rat's tail.

  2. An Onion field can be found to the north, along the path from Rimmington. When you find the field, pick an onion.

  3. You can use any raw meat to make burnt meat, but you would be better off getting rat meat since it is closest. Head southeast of Rimmington to find several Giant rats. Kill one of them and take the Raw rat meat. Now head back to Rimmington, and find the house directly north of Hetty's. Use your meat on the range there, and cook it until it is burnt (if you cook it successfully, just use it on the range again to burn it).

  4. Kill one of the Rats in Rimmington (check the archery shop) to get a Rat's tail. You must first start his quest to get a tail from a Rat.

  5. Head northeast to Betty in the magic shop at Port Sarim, and purchase an Eye of newt for 3gp. If you don't have the money, you can find it by killing or pick-pocketing a nearby Man.

  6. After collecting all the ingredients, return to Hetty's house and talk to her. She tells you the cauldron is ready, and she asks you to drink it. Click on the cauldron to drink it, and you have completed the quest.

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