Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
30 Rumberries (obtainable during quest), 30 Positive energy, and 1+ Spirit dragon charm.
Items Acquired During Quest:
500 Chimes, 2 Taijitu, 50 Rumberries, 50 Ancestral energy, and Tuai Leit teleport tablet unlocked in the Waiko Reward Shop.
Starting Point:
Talk to Jemi at any of her dock locations.
  1. It is recommended to talk to Jemi at her Tuai Leit dock location, as most of the quest is located there, however any of her locations will work.


  2. Talking to Jemi, she will suggest talking to her old teacher, Sensi Hakase. She can be found in the South East corner in the center of the island. Sensi Hakase will suggest that perhaps a rum-based curative may help Ekahi's condition. She suggests talking to Cheri who mixes a "mean rumberry punch".


  3. If you do not have 30 Rumberries, you can collect them from the patch just West of the town center on your way to see Cheri.


  4. She is found in the South West corner of the island. When you talk to her, she will immediately tell you she needs 30 Rumberries without even talking to you about what you need. "They all come to Cheri for punch." Give Cheri the Rumberries and she will give you Rumberry elixir. Take and show it to Sensi Hakase. She will tell you to take it to Ekahi.


  5. Go to Ekahi at the dock and give him the elixir. He will quickly become very drunk but, unfortunately, it seems to have just made things worse.


  6. Return to Sensi Hakase and she will suggest that perhaps it is more of a spiritual instead of physical ailment. You will need to visit the Tuai Leit Moai.


  7. The Tuai Leit Moai can be found hidden within the bamboo to the West of the market. You will find a trail of inferior bamboo along the beach North of the Gnome colony. You will need to clear the bamboo out of the way before you can talk to the Moai. She will suggest that maybe the "bugs" on Aminishi may be able to help you solve your problem.


  8. Collect at least 1 Spirit dragon charm and 30 Positive energy then travel to Aminishi. On the Island, walk to the center of the island. You will need to go up 2 flights of stairs and enter the Spitit Realm through the Well of Spirits.

    Spirit Realm

  9. Once in the Spirit Realm, walk down the stairs to the beach and talk to Yulong. After a short discussion, he comes to the conclusion that perhaps Ekahi is in need of some positive energy. He will ask for 30 Positive energy from Cyclosis. Once you give him the energy he will perform an incantation and use you as a vessel to transport the charge.


  10. Travel back out of the Spirit Realm or wait on the beach for your Spirit dragon charm to run out of time and force you back. Either way, once in the normal realm go to Ekahi and you will transfer the positive charge to him. But this, once again, only seems to make his condition worse!

    Positive This Will Work

  11. Yet again return to Sensi Hakase and inform her that another option has been ruled out. Now that you have confirmed it is not physical or spiritual, she will suggest that this leaves psychological as your next and last route. The closest to a psychological expert on Tuai Leit is the resident "nutter", Sensi Seaworth. But don't say that too loud as he's not too far away.

    Over There

  12. Walk West across the market and talk to Sensi Seaworth. After joking with you, and you filling him in that physical and spiritual options have been ruled out, he suggests the only other possible option: this aliment may be mystical in nature. Unfortunately, though Sensi Seaworth is currently studying mysticism, he doesn't know enough and suggests you see an expert, Sojobo.


  13. Travel to North West Waiko Island and talk to Sojobo. He too seems to be about jokes until you inform him this is very important and he becomes more serious. After a few questions about the situation he tells you that he believes your crewman has been infected by a Jiangshi. Your options to save Ekahi are to kill him or find the necromancer that is responsible and somehow convince them to remove the affliction.


  14. Return to your crew on the dock and talk to Jemi once more.


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