Skill Levels Required:
Items Needed:
16 Plank* 60 Iron nails Empty sack 2 Bucket of sand
3 Rope Common brown rabbit (Adult or Elder) Dense honeycomb Kebab
2 Law rune Soft clay
* Can use Protean plank or store in your Plank box to save room.
Items Recommended:
Items Acquired During Quest:
Tortle lamp of construction (10k Exp), Tortle lamp of farming (1k Exp), Tortle lamp of magic (1k Exp), and Ninja tortle hood cosmetic override
Starting Point:
Manhole to Varrock sewers.
  1. Talk to Postie Pete (Alias: Postie Pete-za) at the manhole to the Varrock sewers. After a little small talk, he will ask you to deliver a Pizza in the sewers for him. Once you accept the miniquest, you will be given a Pizza and informed that it is for Wolfgang; he and his brothers are tortles.


  2. Open and climb down the manhole to enter the sewers. Once in, travel East until you reach a pipe and squeeze through it. You will come out of the pipe into the tortles' home. Talk to Wolfgang, who is standing on the bridge in the middle of the room.


  3. Talking to Wolfgang will lead to you delivering the Pizza and then start a cutscene in which Tortletrapper13224 transports them into the abyss and then they somehow end up teleported into the Varrock sewers. It also made them much better at communicating, apparently. However, they cannot climb the ladder to the surface, so the sewer is where they must stay for now. Ask what they are going to do now (option 4) and Wolfgang will tell you that they intend to model themselves after the Death Lotus rogues in order to survive their new environment and develop the skills needed to climb the ladder. Step one: Improve their agility. Step two: Improve their speed. Step three: Arm themselves. Step four: profit? In order to achieve these steps, his plan is to found a training dojo as their new home. Unfortunately, he doesn't know how to do these things, so he will ask you to provide some guidance. Agree to help him to advance further.

    are there 3 or 4

  4. First, he will want help improving their agility. He has placed a contract with an Estate agent, but it hasn't arrived yet and he will ask you to go get it. Return to ground level and talk to the Estate agent in the house directly North of the manhole. When prompted, talk to him about Tortle Combat. As it turns out, the tortles sent rats to request the contract. It is hard on his business, so he will tell you to stop having your client send rats as he is not interested in their request.

    rats day and night

  5. Ensure that you have all items needed for the miniquest excluding the Common brown rabbit, Dense honeycomb, and Kebab, then return to Wolfgang and tell him to stop sending rats. They won't be able to get the work done by way of the Estate agent, but maybe the people who fulfill the Estate agent contracts could help... oh wait that's you! After a quick fade out and back in there will be hotspots in the room for you to build in.

    Phase 1

  6. At this point you will need all the items mentioned in the Items Required section. For advancing their agility, you will need to build 4 things: something to fight, something to climb, something to swing on, and something to balance on. Note that these can be built in any order.
    • Something to Fight
      In the cage on the North side of the room in the South West corner you will need to build a training dummy using 2 Bucket of sand (these get replaced by buckets), 1 Empty sack, 15 Iron nails, 3 Plank, and 1 Rope.


    • Something to Climb
      In the cage on the North side of the room in the South East corner you will need to build a climbing net using 15 Iron nails, 3 Plank, and 1 Rope.


    • Something to Swing On
      In the cage on the North side of the room on the North wall you will need to build a rope swing using 15 Iron nails, 5 Plank, and 1 Rope.


    • Something to Balance On
      On the South wall of the room you will need to build a balance beam using 15 Iron nails and 5 Plank.


  7. Once these are all built, return to Wolfgang for instructions. He will inform you that Gustav had an idea for how to improve their speed. After finishing your talk with Wolfgang, talk to Gustav in the cage at the North end of the room. He will ask you to give him 2 Law rune, 1 Soft clay, and something to calibrate the teleportation magic with. He notes that the item for calibration should be a living thing at least as heavy as the tortles are - as such, he suggests a heavy rabbit would work well.

    phase 2

  8. Go to the Manor Farm and talk to Granny Potterington. When prompted, talk to her about Tortle Combat. She will assume you are trying to grow a fat rabbit for an animal show of some kind. She says she might be able to help if you can bring her a Kebab and some Dense honeycomb. Giving them to her will allow her to combine them and you will receive Extremely dense honeycomb. She will inform you that it won't do the trick if you give it to a rabbit younger than an adult, but they grow pretty fast, so even if you only have a baby rabbit, this isn't a big deal. Use the Extremely dense honeycomb on your Common brown rabbit and you will receive a Plump rabbit.

    chubby rabbit

  9. Return to Gustav with the Law rune, Plump rabbit, and Soft clay. He will then turn them into a Tortle teleportation tablet prototype. He will ask you to give the Tortle teleportation tablet prototype to Edvard, who has offered to test it. He is by the South wall to the room. Talk to him to give him the prototype and one tragic cutscene later he will be gone.

    test, test... 1, 2, 3

  10. Talk to Wolfgang again, he will reassure you that Edvard is probably fine and that you should talk to Johann about a weapon shipment. He will tell you that he is still awaiting a weapon shipment from Hofuthand (armour and weapons) at the Grand Exchange and will ask you to go expedite the process.

    phase 3

  11. Talk to Hofuthand (armour and weapons) about Tortle Combat and he will say he thought the shipment was already picked up by someone (who he describes in a way that sounds much like a rat). He will give you a Pile of deadly weapons to make up for the mistake. Return to Johann with the "quality" weapons you received. He will inform you that the tortles should each get a weapon that corresponds well with their strengths.

    this is not the pile you are looking for

  12. Each tortle needs a specific weapon from the Pile of deadly weapons and you can ask the tortles about the weapon preferences of the others. Each tortle can inform you about one of the others in the group. The table below tells you what tortles provide what information and what tortles get what weapons. From the items in the pile, the melting snowball, half suffocated jellyfish, broken lyre, and frying pan will go unclaimed. To give them weapons, talk to them and select option 1 (give [insert name] a weapon.).
    Information Weaponry
    Informer Preference Tortle Weapon Selection Number
    Gustav Doesn't like wooden tools, prefers smooth metal Wolfgang Mismatched set of cutlery 1
    Johann Needs a solid handle Gustav Dwarven army axe 5
    "Weird" Alfred Something in the pile starts squeaking "Weird" Alfred Rabid chinchompa 8
    Wolfgang Doesn't like the cold, needs good reach Johann Old rake handle 4
  13. Once all the weapons have been distributed, talk to Wolfgang again. After standing with your eyes closed awkwardly for a little bit, talk to him again and you will receive your reward.

    can I look yet?

Congratulations, Miniquest complete!


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