Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Items Recommended:
Items Acquired During Quest:
Magic lamp (30,000 xp in Attack, Strength, Defence, Constitution, Ranged, Magic, Summoning, Slayer, OR Divination; requires level 50), 25 The Heart teleport, and Anima crystal
Starting Point:
  1. Speak to The Curator and he will convey to you the power contained within the The Heart of Gielinor is a large quantity of Gielinor's anima. Here the factions of Seren, Sliske, Zamorak, and Zaros are fighting for control of it because the anima provides its controller with great power. He doesn't know a lot about the stories behind the four factions and requests your help in gathering information on them. By agreeing to help him, you will start the miniquest and he will give you four empty journal chapters, each related to one of the generals of The Heart.

    Each chapter is enchanted to direct you where you can gather the memories needed to fill in the book, but we'll save you the trouble of navigating. If you want to figure them out on your own, know that reading an empty journal chapter will tell you which cardinal direction to go to find the memory it needs and, if you have the appropriate page in your inventory, you will be told when you are in the correct location. Note also that if any FILLED chapter is lost/destroyed, you can reclaim it from The Curator and do not need to fill it again.

    The Tale Begins

  2. Once all 4 chapters are full, return to The Heart of Gielinor. See here for quick travel methods. When you arrive, click the tome and select the second option to add all of the filled chapters to it. By adding all 4 chapters, a 5th memory will be unlocked. In order to continue, make sure you do not have a familiar summoned, as you cannot view the memories with a familiar present.

    Pay Per View?

  3. Read the tome and one by one view cutscenes of each of the memories. They will each unlock a music track and provide you with some insight into the story behind the generals of The Heart. When you are done with the memories, talk to The Curator again to finish and receive your reward.

    And End Scene

Congratulations, Miniquest complete!

el fin

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