Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
3 Experience lamps (Each granting 1,500 xp)
Starting Point:

To start this miniquest, enter the Underworld through the door behind Death in his office. As you enter, you will notice a "mysterious figure" towards the left of the bridge at the bottom of the stairs. He will shortly disappear, leaving behind a Red memory. Sift through this memory and white text will appear detailing something about Nomad. Using this information tells you the next location you are going to. Each red memory will disappear after leaving the area the red memory is located.

Note: You must click all, excluding the first, of the red memories three times before receiving the white text about Nomad. As there is a frozen scene, related to the memory, that you will first activate and then dismiss.

Memory number Location Image
1 In the underworld on the South West side of the bridge. Death
2 East of the yew tree spot in Edgeville. Edgeville
3 West of Aubury's rune shop in Varrock. Aubury
4 In the South East corner of the Ourania Altar. Ourania
5 In Nomad's throne room accessed via the tent inside the Soul Wars lobby. Nomad
6 Next to Dragith Nurn at the far end of the Lumbridge Catacombs. Catacomb
7 By the East entrance to Varrock, next to the gatehouse. Gate house
8 In the Soul Wars lobby in-between the two graveyards. Soul wars
9 In Nomad's throne room accessed via the tent inside the Soul Wars lobby. Nomad
10 In the South West corner of Falador castle courtyard. Falador
11 South West of the Black Knights fortress. Black Knight
12 North West of the level 95 Divination spot in the Poison Waste. Poison waste

After you sift through these memories, head back to the starting point in the Underworld and 3 experience lamps will appear in your inventory, signaling your completion.

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