Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
Items Recommended:

You will receive 10k coins for finishing all 4 floors. For finishing each floor you also receive one of 4 new emotes: Head Slap, Stomp, Flap, and Idea.

Upon completing the 4th floor, you will get the option to choose either a pair of Fighting Boots or Fancy Boots. Both of the boots have the same stats, they just look different. You must have your account recovery questions set in order to get the boots.

Name Pic Attack Other Bonuses
Stab Slash Crush Magic Range Summoning Strength Prayer
Fighting boots

Fancy boots
Fighting boots
Fancy boots
+0 +0 +0 -3 -1 N/A +0 +0
+1 +2 +3 +0 +0 +0

The Sceptre:

Additionally, you can kill different creatures throughout the dungeon to obtain the parts of the Skull Sceptre. It allows you to teleport yourself 5 times to Barbarian Village. The sceptre is made out of a total of 4 parts. Below you can find a table with the different creatures you need to kill to get the parts.

Skull sceptre

To make the sceptre use one skull half on the other half. Then, attach the 2 sceptre halves to each other. Finally add the skull to the sceptre to make the skull sceptre. You are only allowed to have one Skull sceptre at a time, but you can have more parts in your bank.

Floor Monster Name Part Name Pic
1 Minotaur Skull right half Skull right half
2 Flesh crawler Bottom of sceptre Sceptre bottom
3 Catablepon Top of sceptre Sceptre top
4 Ankou Skull left half Skull left half
Starting Point:
The dead explorer; the ladder down from Barbarian Village.

The Miniquest:

To get to the area, head over to the Barbarian Village and go down the ladder.


Stronghold of Security Map

Level Monsters
1 Goblin (5, 6, 7), Rat (1), Minotaur (14, 52), Wolf (23)
2 Zombie (11, 12), Flesh Crawler (39, 40), Rat (1), Giant rat (9)
3 Spider (15), Giant spider (39), Scorpions (25, 26) , Catablepon (53, 54)
4 Shade (61), Skeleton (43, 46, 47, 49), Ghost (42, 46, 47, 48), Ankou (60, 61, 63)

Once you're down the ladder, you will notice a dead explorer. This is the brother of the barbarian waiting at the top of the ladder. Search him to find his diary, "Stronghold notes".

Dead Explorer

Stronghold notes

Now, if you are of high enough combat level, you can take the portal to bypass the level and go directly to the Gift of Peace. If you are not, then start opening Gates of War.

Gate of War

Once you reach the Gift of Peace, open it to get 2k gp and a new emote.

Gift of Peace

To continue, climb down the ladder to the next level.

Ladder 1

Again, if you are of high enough combat level, you can use the portal to reach the Grain of Plenty. Otherwise, start going through Rickety Doors until you reach it.

Rickety Door

Once you reach the Grain of Plenty, open it to get 3k gp and a new emote.

Grain of Plenty

To continue, climb down the ladder to the next level.

Ladder 2

Use the portal to reach the Box of Health if you can. Otherwise, start going through Oozing Barriers until you reach it.

Oozing Barrier

Once you reach the Box of Health, open it to get 5k gp and a new emote.

Box of Health

To continue, climb down the Dripping vine to the next level.

Dripping vine

For the final level, use the portal if you can to reach the Cradle of Life. If you can't, start going through Portals of Death until you reach it.

Portal of Death

Once you reach the Cradle of Life, open it to get either Fighting boots or Fancy boots and a new emote.

Cradle of Life

To leave, climb up the Bone chain.

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