Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
250 Chimes, 3 Taijitu, A medium slayer XP lamp, Access to Aminishi's Spirit realm and Arhat dragons.
Starting Point:
Speak to the Assassin on Aminishi Island.
  1. Travel to Aminishi island and speak to Ling, the Assassin. She needs your help finding an ex-Death Lotus comrade, Yulong, but doesn't tell you why.

    Talk to Ling

  2. Ling suggests you kill the Acolytes of Seiryu, on the Northern section of Aminishi, to obtain the books she requires. All of the monks are weak to Air spells. The three books are dropped in order. They are: "The Path of the Monk", "The Path of the Elemental", and The Path of the Dragon". Obtaining the books may take a good amount of time, particularly if you only have 90 Slayer.

    Note: Make sure you read a book after you attain it. If you do not read it before continuing, you run the risk of having the same book dropped twice.

    Sotapanna fight
    Sotapanna require 90 Slayer.

    Sakadagami fight
    Sakadagami require 93 Slayer.

    Anagami fight
    Anagami require 96 Slayer.

  3. Once you've obtained all three books, return to Ling. After talking with her, head to the center part of the island with the books and your Spirit dragon charms and Travel the Well of Spirits to the Spirit realm. You will need 1 Spirit dragon charm for each minute you're in this realm.

    Well of Spirits

  4. Now in the spirit realm, head to the Southern shore of the island and speak to Yulong. Here you will make the decision to tell Ling where he is; this is purely your choice.

    Talk to Yulong

  5. After you've spoken to Yulong, return to the statue in the middle of the island to exit the Spirit realm. Return to Ling, you will inform her that you have found Yulong. If you tell her where he is at depends on your choice in the previous step. You have now completed the mini-quest.


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