Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
150 Crafting XP and 2,000 coins.
Starting Point:
Speak with Fred the Farmer.


Step 1 (Show/Hide)

Start the quest by speaking to Fred the Farmer. You can find Fred at his farm northwest of the sheep pen, which is north of Lumbridge Castle.

Fred The Farmer

Step 2 (Show/Hide)

He will tell you that his sheep need shearing but that he does not have time to do it, and will ask if you could help by bringing him 20 Balls of black wool. Agree to help him and pick up the Shears from the table.


Step 3 (Show/Hide)

Head to the field next to Fred's house, and either click on the black sheep or use your shears with them to get some Black wool. Once you have gathered 20 wools, head over to Lumbridge Castle.

Shearing The Sheep

Step 4 (Show/Hide)

When you have made it to the castle, go up the ladder in the southwestern corner to the next level. Use your all your pieces of wool on the Spinning wheel to get Balls of black wool. You may also click the spinning wheel and click 'make x' to have the spinning process go faster.

Spinning Wheel

Step 5 (Show/Hide)

Take the Balls of black wool back to Fred the Farmer to receive your reward.

Quest Completed!

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