Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Rune Mysteries (for Part 1)
The Feud (for Part 2)
Icthlarin's Little Helper (for Part 3)
Items Needed:
100gp, 3 Dyes, and 3 Cowhides, OR 3 Snakeskin, OR 3 Wolf fur, OR 3 Wool.
  • The ability to solve Sudoku puzzles to purchase runes from Ali Morrisane's caskets at a discount. (After completing Part 1)
  • The ability to purchase a new range of blackjacks from Ali Morrisane, as well as 100gp for travel on Flying Carpets instead of 200gp. (After completing Part 2)
  • The ability to purchase a new range of clothing from Ali Morrisane, as well as 100gp for travel on Flying Carpets instead of 200gp. (After completing Part 3)
Starting Point:

Table of Contents:

Part 1 - Runes

  1. Talk to Ali Morrisane and he will ask you to speak with Aubury in Varrock's rune store about a runes business deal. Talk to Aubury and he will agree to Ali's business proposition.

    Ali Morrisane

  2. Now go back to Ali and he will thank you for sorting out the rune deal, but will say that there is an odd locking mechanism on the rune caskets. Say you would like to see his selection of runes and he will ask you if you want to try opening a small or large casket. Once you have chosen that, you can either choose "Force box", "Pick lock", or "Examine lock". Force box sometimes works on the small caskets, but to try and solve the puzzle, choose "Examine lock".

  3. Now you must play "Rune Sudoku" and solve the puzzle. The smaller boxes are easy enough, you just have to make sure no two runes are in the same row, box, or column.

    Runes 1

  4. If you choose to do a large casket, then you will get something like this.

    Runes 2

  5. As you solve the puzzle, this grid will serve as your template.


  6. First, we will number the runes like this.


  7. Next, we will take our grid and number it, using the numbers we assigned to the runes, according to the puzzle we are given. 1 is Mind, 2 is Fire, and so on. Here is an example of how we numbered our grid according to one of the puzzles.

    Numbered grid

  8. Now every row must contain 1 through 9, every column must contain 1 through 9, and every box of 3 by 3 must contain 1 through 9, but no row, column, or box may have the same number, or rune, twice. To solve this puzzle, we must start by choosing just one number. Lets say we chose 4, the water rune.

  9. Now, lets look at one "box", the orange one in the bottom left corner. There is no 4 in it yet, so we know that a 4, or water rune, will go in one of the remaining squares. To determine which one it goes in, we can look at the other 4s on the board. Whenever you see a 4, you can cross out all the empty spaces in that 4's row, column, and square temporarily, as you will not be able to put another 4 in them. By doing this for every 4 in the puzzle, you will be able to place a 4 in the remaining empty space. In the below picture, I crossed out the empty spaces of one row containing a 4.

    Numbered grid row

  10. Using process of elimination, we can continue to cross out the empty boxes that are in the same column, row, or 3 by 3 box as other 4's. When we have crossed out all the boxes the 4 can not go in, we can place 4's, or water runes, in the remaining empty boxes.

    Crossed out

  11. After the 4s have been placed, you can remove the X's and choose another number/rune. Repeat the process until the whole board has been filled out, and you can then open the lock.


  12. Now you get the choice to either buy all of the runes for a certain price, without knowing what they are, or to see what runes are in the box, at the cost of a slightly higher price.


  13. After finishing the boxes, you can access the shop where you can buy cheaper runes. Finishing a small box opens a shop only for elemental runes, which sell for 17gp each. The large box opens a shop with all runes in it, except for the elemental runes, also discounted.

    Store Store 2

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Part 2 - Blackjacks

  1. Ali wants to get into the Blackjack business. He will mention someone in Pollnivneach and want you to go there.

    BlackJack Request

  2. Head over to Shantay Pass and and pass through into the desert. You can either walk to Pollivneach or you can take the flying carpet.

  3. Once there, head next to the Kebab shop and you'll find a Blackjack Seller. Talk to him and ask him about agreeing to being business partners with Ali, but he wants a bigger range of blackjacks. The seller isn't convinced he needs to make more, so pick the option "Think of a cunning plan" and a nearby Street Urchin will hear and ask you to come over.

    BlackJack Seller

  4. The urchin will offer to help you out by stealing a blackjack so you can convince the Blackjack Seller to upgrade his product to defend himself. It will cost you 100gp for his service.

    Street Urchin

    The Urchin will steal a blackjack and then the Seller will spot him and whack him with a blackjack, but it doesn't knock the urchin out. You suggest that you need to make a product with better defence properties. He agrees and will supply Ali.

  5. Return to Ali and you'll find he is concerned with sales and wants you to go back and ask the Blackjack seller to make a new line of blackjacks.

  6. Head back to the Blackjack seller and once again he isn't convinced that he needs to upgrade. So bet the Seller that even if he hits you with a Blackjack twice, you won't be knocked out. Accept this challenge and follow through for two whacks. He is now convinced that he needs better attack properties for the blackjacks and he will send the new ones to Ali. You now have access to (o) blackjacks.

    Note: You can keep doing this to switch between offensive (o) and defensive (d) blackjacks, it is an ever repeating circle of switching back and forth.

This is the shop stock for the Blackjacks:

Blackjack Store Blackjack store 2

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Part 3 - Clothing

  1. Talk to Ali and he will ask you to travel to Sophanem and talk to Siamun. Travel there via Flying Carpets and talk to Siamun, located in the building the spinning wheel icon on the East side of the city.

    Clothes Request


  2. She will tell you to get either 3 Pots of dye or 3 animal skins. Either give her the items, if you have them with you, or go and get them and return to her.

  3. After giving the items to Siamun, she will tell you that she will help Ali.

  4. Return to Ali and he'll say that demand for the clothes is going down and he needs Siamun to make a new product. Return to her with another 3 dyes or animal skins and she'll agree to make a new line of clothing.

    Note: By doing steps 5 and 6, you don't get the first shop, you get the second shop. You can repeat steps 5 and 6 as many times as you want to change between the two clothes shops.

This is the shop stock for the Clothes:

Clothes Store Clothes Store 2

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