Skill Levels Required:

20 Cooking
32 Slayer
Quests Required:

Must have created a Hangover cure in the Plague City quest.
Items Needed:
Items Recommended:
Ability to kill Mogres.
Starting Point:
Talk to Skippy, along the coast southeast of Rimmington.
  1. Make your way to shore southeast of Rimmington. When you try to talk to Skippy, he will not make much sense. Right-click Skippy and choose the option "Sober-Up". You will then throw a Bucket of water at him. Skippy will then tell you he is cold and wants a Cup of tea (Nettle). Give it to him and he will then admit that he has a hangover.

    Note: The easiest way to reach Rimmington is via the Fairy Ring code AIQ.


  2. After giving him the Hangover cure, Skippy will tell you that he is retired fisher and moved to Rimmington. He further explains that when he threw a Fishing explosive into one of Mudskipper Point's fishing spots and a Mud Ogre, or Mogre, appeared and attacked him. Skippy will then clarify to you that Mogres are a type of ogre that live underwater and wear skins of mudskippers.

    Congratulations! Mini-quest Complete!


Mogres can be found on Mudskipper Point, south of Port Sarim. To be able to attack a Mogre, you must throw a Fishing explosive or Super fishing explosive into one of the ominous fishing spots. A Fishing explosive will only lure a Mogre out of the water while a Super fishing explosive will also deal 15 damage to the Mogre. 2 of the 3 spots can be found on the southern and western sides of the peninsula. The other ominous fishing spot, which has a nearby safespot, is located on the eastern side (See image below).


Mogres do not drop anything special, but occasionally may drop a set of Flippers, a Mudskipper hat, or a Crunchy claw token.

Item Image Info
Flippers Flippers Can be worn but does not give much Attack/Defence bonus
Mudskipper hat Mudskipper Hat Can be worn but does not give any Attack/Defence bonus
Crunchy claw token Crunchy claw token Can be given to Nung, at the Mogre Camp, in exchange for a Baby giant crab. 40 Summoning and completion of the Recipe for Disaster's Freeing Pirate Pete are required to trade in the token.

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