Very, Very Long
Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
Items Recommended:
See table below for recommended teleport items.
375K Divination Xp and 150K Divination bonus Xp, Tiny Lucien pet, Dr. Nabanik's old tribly (cosmetic override), and two titles (Pontifex and Legatus).
Starting Point:
Kharshai's dungeon under Rellekka's helmet shop.

Talk to Kharshai in the dungeon under Thorvald's helmet shop in Rellekka and he will ask you to collect and store the memories of his fellow Mahjarrat in a device he created called an Engrammeter. He wants to use these memories to study the Mahjarrat's plans and nature to hopefully find a way to put an end to the conflict between the Zarosians and Zamorakians and instead unite them. However, this device first needs to be recharged with 500 vibrant or higher Divination memories.

Start Point

There are 15 locations for you to visit and collect the memories of a Mahjarrat. Each time you store a memory, you will first need to return to Kharshai and have him translate it, then recharge the Engrammeter with another 500 memories before you can collect the next. The table below lists the locations of the Mahjarrat Memories.

Mahjarrat Memory Location Location Image Nearest Teleport(s)
Akthanakos Top floor of Enakhra's Temple below the desert quarry.

Directions: Once inside the temple, make your way to the center and climb the ladder. Pass through the magic barrier to the north and climb another ladder to find the room.
Akthanakos Camulet teleport or Bandit Camp lodestone
Azzandra Altar Room in the Jaldraocht Pyramid (Desert Treasure Pyramid).

Directions: The entrance to the room is at the back of the pyramid.
Azzandra Pharaoh's sceptre or Bandit camp lodestone
Bilrach Daemonheim. Bilrach Ring of kingship
Enakhra Enakhra's Temple below the desert quarry.

Directions: Once inside the temple, make your way to the central chamber.
Enakhra Camulet teleport or Bandit Camp lodestone
Hazeel Hazeel Cult Hideout.

Directions: Enter the cave east of the Ardougne Clock tower and board the raft, then head south to where Hazeel's coffin is.
Hazeel Ardougne cloak
Jhallan On the Island in the center of the Muspah Cave.

Directions: Enter the cave just northwest of the Fairy ring (see Teleports column). Once inside, jump over the flat rocks and head into the next cave, then cross the floating bridge to reach the island.
Jhallen Fairy ring code
D K S or Fremennik Province lodestone
Kharshai Miniquest start point in Karshai's Dungeon below the helmet shop. Kharshai Enchanted lyre, Rellekka tablet or Fremennik Province lodestone
Lamistard Inside a cave on Trollweiss Mountain.

Directions: Head northwest of Trollheim towards the Ice Gate. Enter the cave northwest of the gate and make your way through it to come out at the top of Trollweiss Mountain. From there, head east to another cave and enter it.
Lamistard Trollheim Teleport
Lucien Inside Lucien's ruined house west of the Grand Exchange. lucien Fairy ring code
Mizzarch Inside the Senntisten Altar room below the Digsite. Mizzarch Digsite pendant
Palkeera On the Mahjarrat Ritual Plateau.

Directions: From the Fairy ring (see Teleports column), head to the north side of the cave and exit it to find yourself on the plateau.
Palkeera Fairy ring code
Ralvash Surface of Ghorrock Fortress.

Directions: If you don't use the teleport (see Teleports column), make your way to Ghorrock from the ritual plateau or take the canoe from the Snowy Hunter area northeast of Rellekka. Squeeze past the ice block and head into the fortress.
ralvash Ghorrock Teleport (Ancient spellbook and 96 Magic) or Fairy ring D K Q, and D K S

Be careful, The Ghorrock Teleport spell will teleport you to Wilderness (Level 45).
Sliske Empyrean Citadel Throne Room.

Directions: Teleport to the Citadel and make your way north into the Throne Room.
Sliske Invitation box
Wahisietel Ali the Wise's house in Nardah. Wahisietel Desert amulet 2
Zemouregal Chaos Temple Dungeon (requires Insulated boots and a Macaw or Ravenous locust pouch).

Directions: Talk to Hartwin in Varrock Castle's northwest tower and he'll take you to the Chaos Temple. Climb down the trapdoor to enter the dungeon, then follow it around until you come to some human detection spells. Be careful Armored Zombies lurk down here ranging from 84-108.

Make sure your Insulated boots are equipped and climb through the pipe in the room east of the detectors, follow the tunnel around until you reach another pipe and use your Macaw or Locust's remote view option to pass through it safely. Finally, head south into the room with tables.
Zemouregal None

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