Skill Levels Required:
60 Magic
37 Prayer is strongly recommended.
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
Enough Fire and Air runes to cast 100 Fire Blast spells (59 Magic) and Food.
Items Recommended:
Starting Point:
At the Mage Arena bank, just to the north-west of the Member Wilderness Gate in Level 55 Wilderness.

Easiest route:

Mage Arena Map

Pull the lever located west of the palace in Ardougne. Go north, slash the web and go west towards the arena. Enter the building north of the arena, slash the two webs and pull the lever. You will now be in the Mage Arena.

Recommended Equipment:


Note: The purpose is to equip the best magic equipment you can afford to lose. Though the risk is fairly minimal, there is no emergency teleport available, and this is a dangerous fight.

  1. When you are fully equipped and ready to fight, talk to Kolodion in the Mage Arena. Be sure to turn on auto-cast for the spell of your choice.


  2. He will check that you have the required minimum 60 Magic and will challenge you to a duel. If you agree to fight, you will be transported by him into the Mage Arena.

    Note: You are required to use magic against him. Also, the best magic armor that you can wear and prayer potions are recommended for this.

  3. Turn on Protect from Magic as soon as you enter the arena. You will now have to defeat five forms of Kolodion;

    First Form (Human)

    First Form

    Second Form (Ogre)

    Second Form

    Third Form (Troll)

    Third Form

    Fourth Form (Dark Beast)

    Fourth Form

    Fifth Form (Black Demon)

    Fifth Form

    Each form is successively stronger and will be more difficult to defeat.

    Note: If you die during the duel, you will lose everything you have. When restarting the duel, you will face the last monster you were attacking rather than having to start from the beginning. You also will not get a grave.

  4. Once you have defeated Kolodion in the duel, you will be teleported back to the Mage Arena bank. Speak to Kolodion again and he will ask you to choose a God to represent in the Mage Arena. Step into the sparkling pool and talk to the Chamber Guardian. He will ask you to then pray to the statute of your chosen God.

    Chamber guard

  5. Carry on down the tunnel and pray to the statue of your God. A god cape will appear on the ground in front of you. Zamorak is black with red trim, Saradomin is blue with yellowish trim, and Guthix is dark green with lighter green trim. If you want a different cape, then drop your current cape and pray at a different statue.


  6. After you've gotten your cape, talk to the Chamber Guardian again and he will reward you with the staff of the God that matches your cape. The staves give identical bonuses, and apart from the runes used and the secondary effect, the spells are the same. They all have a max hit of 200, or 300 if Charge is used. After using the spell 100 inside the Mage Arena, you can use it outside too.

    • Zamorak Staff: Reduces opponent’s magic. The spell, Flames of Zamorak, causes flames to appear under your opponent.
    • Guthix Staff: Reduces opponent’s defence. The spell, Claws of Guthix, causes a tree-like claw to come from the ground and claw the victim.
    • Saradomin Staff: Reduces opponent’s prayer. The spell, Saradomin Strike, strikes your opponent with lightning from above.
    Remember that you can use any God staff you like, but it will cost 80k to buy an extra staff.

    Stave shop

    Note: You can only have one God cape at a time in your possession.

    All capes have the same stats:


    All staves have the same stats:


  7. Step back into the sparkling pool and speak to Kolodion. Ask him how you can use your new spells outside the Mage Arena. Kolodion will tell you that you must cast your God spell (the spell of the God you chose) 100 times inside of the arena to charge the staff. After it is charged, you can use the staff anywhere.

  8. Before going outside take some runes for the spell of you choice. Leave the Mage Arena bank by the lever, and go east a few steps to the other lever, slash the cobwebs, and pull the lever to go inside the Arena. Remember the monsters of the God you follow will not attack you inside the Arena as long as you have the staff and cape of the god equipped. The two others monsters of the Gods you are not following will attack you and can hit damage up to 200. Once you have cast the god spell 100 times you will get a message that you can now cast the spell outside the Mage Arena.

    Charged Staff

Rune Store

The Mage Arena also has a store that sells runes. The prices for each item are listed on the lower right side, next to the coin symbol, and are subject to change.

Rune shop

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