Skill Levels Required:
90 Prayer or 90 Strength recommended.
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
Items Recommended:
Enhanced Balmung and an Antique lamp (granting 30K XP in the skill of your choice above 75).
Starting Point:
Talk to Thorvald the Warrior in the helmet shop in Rellekka.
  1. Talk to Thorvald the Warrior in Rellekka's helmet shop and he will tell you that something is wrong with Koschei and he needs your help.

    Note: The easiest way to get to Rellekka is by using the Fremennik Province lodestone home teleport or Enchanted lyre teleport.

    Thorvald the Warrior

  2. Climb down the ladder and talk to Koschei. He will tell you about a tree that is making him uneasy. When you ask him why he hasn't simply chopped it down, he will tell you that only a Balmung can be used to do so and direct you to the blossoming tree near the fork in the path, south of Rellekka.

    Thorvald the Warrior

  3. Leave Rellekka and head south to find the blossoming tree just northwest of the bridge. Cut down the tree with your Balmung and you'll find a locked Strange chest. Pick up the chest and take it back to Koschei, who will then unlock it to find it contains a Toy ship with some writing on the sail. He now tells you that seeing the ship and the writing has revealed some lost memories of him being found on a ship at sea in the past and suggests that you float the toy inside Rellekka's well to see what happens.

    Blossoming tree

  4. Take the ship to the well found on the south side of the town and use the ship on it to obtain a White jewel. Take this to Koschei and it will make him remember that he was attacked by an assassin who branded him with the mark of Zamorak. He will now ask you to modify the jewel to help unlock more memories. Any of the following options will work:
    • Cut the jewel (No requirements)
    • Crush the jewel (90 Strength)
    • Detect curses (90 Prayer)

  5. After modifying the jewel, hand it to Koschei and his memory will return. A cutscene will then occur in which Koschei turns into his true form which is that of a Mahjarrat called Kharshai. Enahkra and Akthanakos will then appear as they have sensed his presence and wish to try and gain his support for Zamorak and Zaros. However, Karshai chooses to remain neutral as he wants to maintain peace between the Mahjarrat, but Enakhra and Akthankos leave with a warning that he will have no support from either of them in future.

    Cut scene

  6. Finally, Kharshai will ask for your Balmung and improve it by turning it into either a Cobalt, Crimson, or Viridian balmung depending on the color of the gem you handed him earlier, and will also hand you a 30K XP lamp.

    Note: After receiving your reward, you may ask for the jewel back to unlock new memories and change the color of your Balmung. You can also collect the Engrammeter to start collecting Majharrat memories.

    Congratulations! Miniquest Complete!

    Miniquest Complete

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