Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
10 Driftwood, 5 Sea shells, 2 Tortle shell bowls (made from Tortles on Whale's Maw), 1 Taijitu, and Chimes for supplies (200+ depending on current number of supplies and number of islands visited).
2,000 chimes, 10 taijitu, A medium Hunter experience lamp, and justice for the people of Port Sarim.
Starting Point:
Talk to Lookout Ekahi at any of his dock locations.
  1. Speak to Lookout Ekahi and he will tell you that he has seen how you carry yourself and judged you more worthy than Jed. As a result, he has decided that he is now willing to help you confront Jed. But there is a condition: Ekahi insists that he must be allowed to live. Since Jed had once saved Ekahi's life, it is only fair that Ekahi helps preserve his in return.


  2. As you are talking with Ekahi, all three of the others will interrupt with things that need to be done before the voyage. In total you will have 4 tasks to complete before you will be able confront Jed. These 4 tasks can be accomplished in any order.


  3. Navigator Jemi's Task:

    1. Talking to Jemi you find that the Thalassus has been spotted heading toward the Arc. Unfortunately, she is having issues communicating with it. She wants you to go with her to the Sea Witch Kaula to see if she will help communicate with the Thalassus.

      Jemi's Task

    2. Travel to Whale's Maw and go to the North West shore where Sea Witch Kaula is; Jemi will be there waiting for you. Talk to Kaula and Jemi will converse with her. Kaula says that there is a price for her assistance. She requires 2 Tortle shell bowls made from the local tortles.

      Sea Witch Kaula

    3. Go collect 8 Shell chippings and create 2 Tortle shell bowls using the tortles just South of Sea Witch Kaula.


    4. Return to Kaula and talk to her again. She will crush the bowls and drop them into the sea. "The price has been set" and Jemi is now able to communicate with the Thalassus. Talk to Jemi back at the ship and her task is complete.

      Jemi Complete

  4. Lookout Ekahi's Task:

    1. Talk to Ekahi to find out his plan to "contact" Jed. Since Yuehanxun was the one who set you up with the traitorous work crew to move the Moai, Ekahi reasons that she must be working for Jed. Should she see him kill you, she will contact Jed, and Ekahi will be given coordinates on where to meet him.

      Ekahi's Task

    2. Travel to Waiko and go South East to Yuehanxun. You will find Ekahi already waiting here for the plan. Talk to Yuehanxun to confront her about working for Jed.

      Yuehanxun Visit

    3. She will start to call Ekahi useless, but he will pipe up and say he isn't useless. He will then "kill" you and claim that his friendship with you was merely a ploy to gain your trust and make it easier to kill you.


    4. Next he will tell Yuehanxun to let Jed know that he has killed you and is ready for his next assignment. Yuehanxun will teleport off. Talk to Ekahi and he will check to ensure you are alright. His task is now complete.

      Ekahi Complete

  5. Bosun Higgs' Task:

    1. Talk to Evie and she will inform you that she didn't exactly get a leave of absence from the Kinshra. She is currently AWOL and fears that if they track her down in the Arc they may hold you responsible for her leaving. Because if this, her current attire is too much of a giveaway; she needs new armor and weapons.

      Higg's Task

    2. Travel to Waiko, go to the North Western most stall in the market, and talk to Sojobo. You will ask if he has any melee gear and weapons that you could have for a friend. He replies that "charity is at the heart of the Gu way of life, but that works both ways" and asks that you kill 3 Gu ronin (found on uncharted Islands) in exchange for the gear.


    3. Travel to Uncharted Isles until you come across Gu ronin. During this portion of the quest your likelihood of finding an island inhabited by them is increased, though not guaranteed. You may need to purchase supplies from Rosie to be able to visit Uncharted Isles.


    4. When you find the Gu ronin, kill 3, and then return to Sojobo. You will inform him that you have dispatched the Gu ronin and he will give you a Tetsu set.

      Gu ronin

    5. Return to Evie and give her the set. She will change into it and her task is complete.

      Higgs Complete

  6. Quartermaster Gully's Task:

    1. Talk to your Quartermaster and he will inform you that if you are going to be going after Jed to retrieve the prisoners, the ship will need to be outfitted for that kind of expedition. You will need to go light on supplies, empty out the hold, and add some extra buoyancy to the chip. Most of these things Gully can handle without fail, however, the adding of extra buoyancy is where he needs help.

      Gully's Task

    2. Travel to Waiko, go to the stall just South of the North Western most stall, and speak with Rosie. Apparently your Quartermaster has been being a bit creepy and hanging around her stall but not talking to her. With the agreement to talk to Gully, Rosie says that she can make you something to help with the buoyancy if you can supply a few items. She will need: 10 driftwood, a taijitu, and 5 Sea shells. If necessary, travel to Uncharted Isles to find these items. You may need to purchase supplies from Rosie to be able to visit them.


    3. Return to Rosie and give her the items. She will hand you the Buoyancy materials.

      Take Bundles

    4. Take these materials and give them to your Quartermaster. He will be pleased to have something that came from Rosie and eagerly sets to installing the materials. His task is now complete.

      Gully Take This

  7. Now that these tasks have been completed you are ready to face Jed. Talk to Ekahi and see if Jed has given him a rendezvous point yet. The information has been delivered; it is time to set sail.


  8. On the ship you can talk to each of your crew to see how they currently are faring, Ekahi (at the bow of the ship) is the only one you need to talk to. You will talk to him for a bit and review the plan. You will hide while Ekahi talks to Jed; he asks you to remember that no matter what he says to Jed, he is with you.

    Thank You

  9. When you are ready Jed will arrive You will be hiding behind one of the masts while Ekahi talks to him; dancing around the details of your death. You find that the Harbinger is soon to be there to buy the prisoners from Port Sarim.

    Meeting Jed

  10. Unable to wait in hiding anymore, you come out and make your stand. Jed chastises Ekahi for his deceit and then says that he had intended to sell him to the Harbinger, despite his earlier promises not to. Evie comes forth and questions about her brother; we find he has already been sold to the khan of Goshima. Gully then pipes up and questions about Stan's stolen property; also given to the khan.

    Making a Stand

  11. With all your questions answered, Jed insists that he would rather hang out on a deserted island than wait around for the Harbinger to arrive. He runs to jump off the ship and swim to the island, but instead he finds himself jumping into the mouth of the Thalassus.


  12. You can take this moment to talk to your crew. Please note that this is optional and not required to complete the miniquest. If you do, you will apologize to Ekahi that Jed was killed. He will not blame you and tell you not to worry about it. Evie will lament that her brother is not within the hold and you will promise that you will travel to Goshima to find him soon. Questioning Jemi about what happened with the Thalassus, she will share that apparently that had been the price and she will lament that she isn't as good of a seasinger as she had thought. And you can ask Gully about the Harbinger. He suggests you hurry, free the prisoners from the hold, and return them to Port Sarim before the Harbinger arrives.


  13. On "Jed's" ship open the hold and release the prisoners. "Okay, let's get you out of that prison and, er, back to your old one."


  14. You will appear back in Port Sarim.

    Congratulations Mini-Quest Complete!


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