Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
2,000 Construction experience for each statue built. (20,000 total)
1,000 Prayer experience for each object added. (10,000 total)
Starting Point:
Graveyard North of Canifis.

Speak to Veliaf Hurts, just North of the Canifis lodestone. He will ask you to help build him statues in honor of the fallen Myreque members, of course you will agree.

Over the next several days, you and Veliaf will work together to complete the Memoriam. The day after you fist speak with him, he will build a plinth; each consecutive day he will build the next plinth for you to add to. On top of it, you will need to use 2 Granite (5kg) to build a statue in likeness of one of the members. When the statue is built, add a Blisterwood sickle and an item that represents them. You can speak with Veliaf to see which item is appropriate for that statue or you can see the table below.

Item Where Found Member
Blamish blue shell (pointed) Dropped by Bruise blamish snails which are found around The Hollows and the fairy ring inside Morytania. Sani Pilliu
Nail beast nails Dropped by Nail beasts found in Temple Trekking or purchased from the GE. Harold Evans
Snakeskin body Player Made from 15 Snakeskins obtained through Temple Trekking or purchased from the GE. Andiess Juip
Ivandis Flail Player made using: Silver sickle (b), 2 Silver bar, 2 Mithril bar, Emerald, Sapphire, 2 Cosmic rune, Water rune, 3 Air rune, Soft clay, and a Rope. See the item entry for steps to make it. Flaygian Screwte
Rune boots Dropped by Nechryaels which are found in the Slayer Tower or purchased from the GE. Kael Forshaw
Mort myre pear A blessed sickle or Ivandis flail is required to obtain by casting bloom near empty bushes in Mort Myre. Alternatively, they can be bought from the Grand Exchange. Mekritus A'hara
Moonlight mead Purchased from Roavar at the Hair of the Dog Tavern in Canifis. Radigad Ponfit
Blisterwood stake-thrower crossbow Player made using Silvthril limbs with a Blisterwood stock then a Crossbow string. Vertida Sefalatis
Histories of the Hallowland Found in your player owned house or in the Paterdomus library. Polmafi Ferdygris
Holy water Obtained by enchanting a Vial using the Book of Binding to make an Enchanted vial, and then using a Hollow reed (cut from next to the pool) on the pool in the Kharazi Jungle with the Enchanted vial in your inventory. Safalaan Hallow

In the end there will be 2 plinths that remain unadorned: 1 for Veliaf and the other for Ivan. Completing the memorial and speaking with Veliaf after completion of River of Blood will complete the "Myreque in Memoriam" requirement for the Master Quest Cape.

Note that the completed monument can act as a prayer altar that awards you 5 extra points per fully built/adorned statue.

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