Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
Items Recommended:
2,000 Construction xp per statue
1,000 Prayer if you use the items on the statue
Starting Point:
Graveyard north of Canifis.
  1. In order to begin the miniquest, head to the graveyard located North of Canifis near the sundial. Veliaf Hurtz will be there, talk to him and he will explain that he wants to build statues in an act of remembrance to his fallen friends. He says he will build a plinth for a new statue every day, with the first appearing the day after you talk to him (After 00:00 in game time).

  2. Once Veliaf builds a plinth for you, you are able to build the statue using two Granite (5kg). These can be mined in the desert quarry or bought from the Grand Exchange. Once you build a statue, you must then decorate it using one blisterwood sickle, and an item relating to the Myreque member the statue is built for. Talking to Veliaf will tell you what item is required for that day's statue.

    The table below tells you what statues are made, what items they need, and where to obtain the item.
    Myreque Member Item Needed How to Obtain the Item
    Sani Piliu Blamish blue shell (pointed) Can be bought from Grand Exchange or found near The Hollows.
    Harold Evans Nail beast nails Can only be obtained by killing Nail Beasts during Temple Trekking
    Andiess Juip Snakeskin body Can be bought from the Grand Exchange or crafted by using 15 tanned snake hide dropped by Snakes.
    Flaygian Screwte Ivandis flail Created by using 3 Silver bars, 2 Mithril bars, 3 Air runes, 2 Cosmic runes, 1 Water rune, 1 Sapphire, and an Emerald. A Rod clay mould, Chain link mould, Rope, and Sickle mould are also needed. Using these items create a Silver sickle, a Silvthril rod and a Silvthril chain. Cast Enchant Level 1 Jewellery on the rod. Go to Paeterdomus and into the Mausoleum. Use the rod on the well whilst having a rope in your inventory to turn it into a Rod of Ivandis. Now go to the Nature Grotto and use the Silver sickle on the altar of nature to turn it into a Silver sickle (b). Use the Emerald on the silver sickle (b) to create a Silver sickle emerald (b). Now use Enchant Level 2 Jewellery on it to get a Silver sickle emerald (b). Now use the rod on the chain to create the Ivandis Flail.
    Kael Forshaw Rune boots Can be bought from the Grand Exchange or dropped by Nechryael.
    Mekritus A’hara Mort myre pear Can be bought from the Grand Exchange or use a Blessed silver sickle or Ivandis flail and cast bloom near empty bushes in Mort Myre to make them grow.
    Radigad Ponfit Moonlight mead Can be bought from the Grand Exchange or from Roavar in the Hair of the Dog in Canifis.
    Vertida Sefalatis Blisterwood stake-thrower crossbow Created using a Silver bar and Mithril bar in a furnace to make silvthril limbs. Then fletch a blisterwood stock using Blisterwood logs. Add these together to make a unstrung version. String this with a crossbow string to complete the crossbow.
    Polmafi Ferdygris Histories of the Hallowland This book can be found inside the library of Paeterdomus or from the bookshelf in your Player Owned House.
    Safalaan Hallow Holy water This is obtained by taking a blessed golden bowl, a Book of binding, a Machete and one empty Vial. Go into the Kharazi Jungle and to the water pool. Cut a reed from the nearby plants and use it on the pool to fill the bowl. Use the binding book on the empty vial to make an Enchanted vial. Use the filled bowl on the enchanted vial to create holy water.
    Each statue you build will give 2000 Construction experience and when you add the items it will give 1000 Prayer experience.

    There will be two plinths left that you cannot build. These are reserved for Ivan and Veliaf.
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